Oracle VM Templates

Oracle Solaris 10 and Oracle Solaris 11

For customers facing challenging business and technical requirements - such as lowering costs, simplifying system administration, and maintaining high service levels - the Oracle Solaris Operating System is the ideal cross-platform choice. It's innovative, built-in features deliver breakthrough virtualization and utilization, high availability, advanced security, and industry leading performance to meet these stringent requirements - all at a great price.

The Oracle VM Templates for Oracle Solaris can be used to rapidly provision new virtual machines running Oracle Solaris OS on x86 and SPARC platforms.

  • Available for Oracle Solaris 10 and Oracle Solaris 11, the Oracle Solaris templates supports both Oracle VM Server for x86 and Oracle VM Server for SPARC
  • Oracle Solaris's advanced file system, ZFS, is chosen as the default root file system. 
  • Review the README before you download.

Oracle Software Delivery Cloud Instructions for download of Oracle VM Templates for Oracle Solaris

Visit Oracle Software Delivery Cloud

Complete your registration information (Name, Company Name, Email Address and Country) and click on the download agreement

Select "Oracle VM Templates" from the "Select a Product Pack" pull-down menu

Select "Oracle Solaris on x86-64" or "SPARC" from the "Platform" pull-down menu

Download and unzip the files and read the readme

For large downloads, or for functionality such as download resuming, the use of a download manager is highly recommended.