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Designing for Energy Efficiency

Designing for Energy Efficiency

Oracle designs, builds, and operates some of the most energy-efficient data centers in the industry. We employ the best available technology to continuously improve energy efficiency at our data centers, including the use of low-loss electrical energy distribution systems and highly efficient cooling systems.

In recognition of our efforts, our two largest data centers—the Utah Compute Facility and the Austin Data Center—have been awarded ENERGY STAR certification by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Optimizing for Best Results

Optimizing for Best Results

We continually evaluate our new and existing data centers to identify opportunities to improve performance. For our new data centers, we select the optimal site locations to utilize outside air for IT equipment cooling. The power usage effectiveness (PUE) rating for our latest data center is as low as 1.24, compared with an industry average of more than 1.5.

Focusing on Renewable Energy

Focusing on Renewable Energy

As more sources of renewable energy become available and as open, competitive markets evolve, we plan to increase the amount of renewable energy we procure. In certain locations, including the United Kingdom, our data centers are using 100 percent renewable energy. Moreover, renewable energy is one of our key considerations in data center site selection, including colocations.

Enabling Our Customers to Be More Sustainable

Enabling Our Customers to Be More Sustainable

Customers see our data centers as models of how to construct, manage, and build their own efficient data centers. Enterprises of all sizes may also choose to operate their applications as part of Oracle Cloud and take advantage of Oracle’s inherently efficient systems.

Beyond data center design, Oracle’s engineered solutions are designed to maximize the efficiency of our processing systems. By using our solutions, our customers are able to reduce the amount of energy needed to power their own IT systems.

Leveraging Innovative Technologies

  • Technology Replacement

    Technology Replacement

    We refresh and reuse hardware, and replace older systems with energy-efficient servers.

  • Server Virtualization

    Server Virtualization

    We use Oracle virtualization technology, enabling servers to process more than one business function at a time.

  • Power Efficiency Management

    Power Efficiency Management

    We use rotary uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems where applicable, install branch circuit monitoring, and minimize standby energy losses.

  • Cooling


    We deploy intelligent energy management systems that allow wireless monitoring and adjusting of cooling systems.

  • Hot-Air Containment

    Hot-Air Containment

    This technology significantly reduces energy consumption by preventing hot-air recirculation.

  • Power Concentration

    Power Concentration

    We separate networking and power distribution, so computing power can be more concentrated within the data center.

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