Water and Waste

Water and Waste
Cutting-Edge Water
and Waste Management
Potable Water Use
2015 2016
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Conserving Water

We continue to raise the bar around water conservation. By leveraging a wide range of water-saving strategies across our facilities, we have achieved a consistent year-over-year reduction in our total water use. We exceeded our 2016 goal to reduce potable water use per employee by 15 percent.

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Waste to Landfill
2015 2016
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Minimizing Waste

We have made great strides in reducing waste at our facilities globally. We exceeded our 2016 goal to reduce waste to landfill per employee by 15 percent. We also reduced our total waste to landfill by 15 percent from 2015 to 2016. Our efforts at HQ were recognized by Recology of San Mateo, which presented Oracle with the BizSMART@Work Gold award for recycling and composting in 2015.

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Water and waste data represents owned buildings only.

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