Compare Oracle Cloud to Workday

Oracle Cloud to Workday
The Oracle Cloud Advantage over Workday


Oracle Has the Most Complete, Flexible Suite of Cloud Capabilities and Applications

While the cloud has been evolving, Oracle has been investing— spending billions of dollars developing an enterprise cloud that represents the first true next generation cloud. When you invest in Oracle Cloud, you get a unified environment providing flexible cloud infrastructure, a powerful standards-based platform, and a comprehensive portfolio of business applications—all on a subscription basis.

And it's superior to Workday. Take a look at why:

  Oracle Workday
Complete Yes No
Multi-Layer Cloud Security Yes No
Embedded Social Collaboration Yes No
Flexible Cloud Deployment Yes No
Organic Yes Yes
Modern Experience Yes Yes
Innovative Yes Yes

Oracle Cloud is the industry’s broadest and most integrated public cloud. It offers best-in-class services across software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and even lets you put Oracle Cloud in your own data center. Oracle Cloud helps organizations drive innovation and business transformation by increasing business agility, helping lower costs, and reducing IT complexity.

  1. Complete: ERP, HCM, EPM, SCM, CX, BI

    While other vendors may boast of comprehensive cloud solutions, none can offer what Oracle Cloud does: the broadest collection of cloud services on the market, solutions at every layer of the cloud technology stack, and the ability to move applications and workloads between the cloud and on-premises environments swiftly and easily.

  2. Secure: Multi-layered cloud security

    Backed by 19 worldwide data centers, an army of Oracle-badged cloud security experts, and around-the-clock monitoring and support, Oracle Cloud provides security features designed to protect your data. Data isolation and unified access controls backed by the leader in cloud security mean you can rest easy when your public cloud is Oracle Cloud.

  3. Collaborative: Native contextual social collaboration

    Oracle’s vision is to socially enable the enterprise to provide stronger collaboration within the workforce. Oracle Cloud enables a modern, social, and engaged workforce by enabling employees to easily build relationships, cross-collaborate, learn, share knowledge, and improve productivity through socially embedded processes in the cloud.

  4. Flexible: Cloud deployment options on Oracle Cloud Platform

    First-generation clouds often seemed to focus more on the cloud provider than the cloud customer—forcing organizations to adapt everything from workflows to application look and feel and cloud-provider-imposed scheduled upgrades. Oracle understands that the best clouds adapt to your business. IT professionals get to tailor their environments to deploy and update software on their own terms. And business users get to define their experience through configurable dashboards, reports, workflows, and data.
    Drive Innovation and Business Transformation with Oracle Platform as a service (PaaS). PaaS allows developers, IT professionals, and business leaders to develop, test, and deploy the next generation of applications in the cloud in a securely featured, cost-effective manner that speeds time to market and increases competitive advantage.

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