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Create personalized, adaptive, cross-channel marketing campaigns

Cross-channel marketing automation tool

Welcome to Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation

Create optimized, personalized nurture and cross-channel campaigns from simple to sophisticated, across channels. Target and engage the right audience at the right time while providing real-time reporting and insights using campaign and lead management tools.

What is marketing automation?

Eloqua Campaign Canvas

Discover and target with Campaign Canvas

Use Eloqua’s Campaign Canvas to create rich, multi-step campaigns that get results and meet your marketing goals. Develop customer profiles that target the right audiences with relevant information. Select criteria and choose the segments you want to target. Unite disparate data for more detailed, granular targeting.

Personalized marketing automation

Progress leads faster with adaptive customer journeys

Adapt each customer’s journey based on their actions. With Eloqua’s drop-and-drag UI you can quickly and efficiently select the best emails, landing pages, and content needed to personalize the customer experiences and progress leads.

Personalized marketing content

Personalize and design for your audience

Create beautiful landing pages with dynamic and personalized content based on digital behaviors of each prospect. Do all this work without the help of IT using a drop-and-drag UI.

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Brand-compliant marketing content

Quickly create brand-compliant content

Create compelling, responsive, brand-consistent emails and landing pages efficiently with reusable Content Blocks. Optimize key elements of campaign email templates, such as subject line, with AI capabilities.

Lead scoring tool

Acquire, convert, and score your leads

Set up lead scoring models to identify and ensure that high-quality leads are prioritized for sales and retargeting. Adjust your marketing workflows based on available sales resources.

Lead nurturing tool

Continue to nurture your leads

Pre-determine and automate each lead’s next appropriate interaction and understand their real intent. Base lead scores on profile and engagement data, updated in real time, using a prospect's digital footprint

Eloqua Program Canvas

Engage your audience with Program Canvas

Create lead management and data management automated workflows and utilize event listeners that quickly respond to changes in contact records, custom data, lead scores and specific campaign activities.

Lead routing tool

Locate new prospects and quickly engage with them

Prospects who become highly qualified leads are pushed into your CRM system within minutes. Entering the workflow via an app-based lead routing system, leads are received within minutes so your sales team can quickly engage.

Oracle Profiler in Eloqua

Provide sellers with prospects’ contact details and activities

View the contact details for each lead, including their activities, their lead score, and other real-time behavioral data. Know how your leads interacted with your brand and take recommended actions based on their activity.

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Oracle Eloqua Engage

Improve engagement with marketing-approved messages

Provide your sales team with brand compliant, marketing-approved email templates for quick and easy communications to a prospect. With Oracle Eloqua Engage they can personalize the communication with detailed information to engage and convert.

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Marketing analytics tool

Campaign performance metrics

Justify your marketing programs with tracking and performance results in real-time. Eloqua provides closed-loop reporting for campaign performance and revenue influenced by marketing.

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