Airlines Data Model

The Oracle Airlines Data Model (OADM) delivers an IATA standards-based data management platform for building "data capital" by enabling the capture and organization of data from across the enterprise and beyond. By leveraging Oracle’s deep expertise in data management, OADM provides a platform that is modern, relevant, and topical. Data can be consolidated and organized from key areas such as passenger service systems (PSS) and customer loyalty, baggage and ancillary services, social media, flight operations and departure control systems (DCS), scheduling and global distribution systems (GDS), maintenance and repair (MRO), and back office applications such as finance. Oracle Advanced Analytics with OADM can provide new insights and enable data driven decisions to improve operational efficiencies, tailor products and services, or even identify new sources of competitive advantage. OADM is available as an add-on to Oracle Database Cloud Service (DBCS) or Oracle Relational Database Enterprise Edition. OADM is not dependent on any particular vendor's source applications and can be used in any application environment, including Oracle Cx Cloud Services.

Key Benefits of Airlines Data Model

The key benefits provided by Oracle's Airline Data Model are:

  • Rapid Implementation, predictable costs - can be deployed on Database Cloud Service, Exadata Cloud Service or on-premises Oracle EE database. Tables and optimizations are pre-defined based in industry standards. Easily extended and customized, it avoids 'Build from Scratch' costs and associated risks. The integrated enterprise schema can be used as an Operational Data Store, as well as a platform for data science.
  • Delivers Insight Quickly -Embedded models provide sophisticated trending and predictive analysis. Can be extended with Oracle Big Data Appliance or Big Data Cloud Service to further enhance analytic capabilities, perform time-series or streaming analytics on fast data, integrate external data, or create a data lake for additional analytic opportunities
  • Industry standards - based on International Air Transport Association (IATA) standards for aviation vocabulary, data definitions and relationships, and inter-operability.

Technical Information

    Learn about the components and features of Oracle Airline Data Model and how it harnesses Oracle Data Warehouse technology to provide a robust analytical solution for cross-functional airline analysis