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Free, light-weight, and easily installed Oracle Database tools, libraries and SDKs

Free, light-weight, and easily installed Oracle Database tools, libraries and SDKs

Oracle Instant Client enables development and deployment of applications that connect to Oracle Database, either on-premise or in the Cloud. The Instant Client libraries provide the necessary network connectivity and advanced data features to make full use of Oracle Database. The libraries are used by the Oracle APIs of popular languages and environments including Python, Node.js, Go, PHP and Ruby, as well as providing access for Oracle Call Interface (OCI), Oracle C++ Call Interface (OCCI), JDBC OCI, ODBC and Pro*C applications. Tools included in Instant Client, such as SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader and Oracle Data Pump, provide quick and convenient data access.

Oracle Instant Client

What's New

Oracle Linux has Instant Client RPMs

Instant Client RPM packages for Oracle Linux can now be installed from yum.oracle.com for Oracle Linux 8 and Oracle Linux 7. Older releases are available for Oracle Linux 8, Oracle Linux 7 and Oracle Linux 6.

See Instant Client for Oracle Linux for installation instructions.

Instant Client is available for Docker

Dockerfiles are available on GitHub. Pre-built images are available from the GitHub Container Registry.

Instant Client Features

  • Free to download, deploy and distribute
  • Small footprint
  • ZIPs available for quick, one-step install
  • RPM Packages also available for Linux, and DMG Packages for macOS Intel x86
  • Same libraries as full Oracle Database or Oracle Client
  • Includes tools such as SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader and Data Pump
  • Widely used and tested

Instant Client applications are cloud ready

Deploy applications using Instant Client in the cloud, or connect to a cloud database.

Whether your applications are in the cloud or on-premise, you can install Instant Client and connect to cloud databases. Follow the normal installation process for your operating system. Some cloud-specific references are shown below.

Get Oracle Instant Client

Instant Client Packages

Instant Client Package Description References
Basic All files required to run OCI, OCCI, and JDBC OCI applications for Oracle Database OCI
Basic Light Smaller version of the Basic package, with only English error messages and Unicode, ASCII, and Western European character set support OCI
SDK Additional header files and an example makefile for developing OCI and OCCI applications  
SQL*Plus Additional package providing the SQL*Plus command-line tool for executing SQL and PL/SQL statements and scripts SQL*Plus
Tools Additional tools including Data Pump, SQL*Loader and Workload Replay Client Data Pump and SQL*Loader
ODBC Additional libraries providing ODBC ODBC
Precompilers Additional tools and libraries providing the Pro*C and Pro*COBOL precompilers Pro*C
JDBC OCI Supplement Additional libraries to support Internationalization JDBC OCI