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Oracle Data Safe

Oracle Data Safe

Data Safe is a unified control center for your Oracle Databases which helps you understand the sensitivity of your data, evaluate risks to data, mask sensitive data, implement and monitor security controls, assess user security, monitor user activity, and address data security compliance requirements. Whether you’re using Oracle Autonomous Database. Oracle Database Cloud Service (Exadata, Virtual Machine, or Bare Metal), or Oracle Databases on-premises in your own data center, Data Safe delivers essential data security capabilities that help you reduce risk and improve security.

Key Business Benefits

To keep their data secure, cloud database users need ready answers to questions such as:

  • Are my databases securely configured?
  • What sensitive data do I have, and where is it located?
  • How can I support test and development without exposing sensitive data?
  • How do I set uniform audit policies across all the databases?
  • How can I centrally secure database audit data to protect it from malicious changes?
Data Safe provides immediate visibility into answers to these questions and more.

What's New in Data Safe

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Data Safe Features


Oracle Data Safe helps you manage the day-to-day security of the data you place in your Oracle Databases.

With the Data Safe console you can:

  • Assess if your database is securely configured
  • Review and mitigate risks based on GDPR Articles/Recitals, Oracle Database STIG Rules, and CIS Benchmark recommendations
  • Assess user risk by highlighting critical users, roles and privileges
  • Configure audit policies and collect user activity to identify unusual behavior
  • Discover sensitive data and understand where it is located
  • Remove risk from non-production data sets by masking sensitive data

Database Security Assessment

Data Safe helps ensure your databases are securely configured. You can create and maintain security baselines for rapid identification of configuration risks and enforce consistent use of security controls across the enterprise.

It offers recommendations for remediation, and helps you comply with regulations such as GDPR, and compliance standards as STIG and CIS. It categorizes and prioritizes these risks so that you can decide which ones to address first.  

Data Safe Security Assessment provides:

  • Comprehensive assessment of security parameters, security controls in use, and user roles and privileges
  • Actionable reports with prioritized recommendations

User Risk Assessment

Data Safe identifies which users present the highest risk, reviews privileges granted to those users, and shows you the user activity that has been captured for those users. Users with elevated privileges, who may not have changed passwords in a while or who have password policies that are relatively weak, are a common avenue for database compromise.

User Assessment remediate these risks by evaluating:

  • Static profile information such as user type and password policies
  • Dynamic profile information such as last login, IP address, password aging, and audit data

User Activity Auditing and Reporting

Data Safe can track database user activity and raise alerts on risky actions, a must-have requirement for many regulations. You can select from default audit policies for regular and privileged users, and use one of many out-of-the-box audit reports on various database activities. You can retain the audit data for up to a year for forensics in case something were to go wrong. 

User Activity Auditing lets you:

  • Provision audit, compliance, and alert policies
  • Collect audit data from databases, and track sensitive operations
  • View Audit Reports
    • Interactive reports for forensics
    • Summary and detailed reports
  • Download PDF reports for compliance

Sensitive Data Discovery

Data Safe helps you discover the amount and location of sensitive data across hundreds of columns spanning multiple schemas and tables. Customers can also add their own custom sensitive types easily. Once you know how much sensitive data you have and where it resides, it is easier to assess the risk and protect that data. 

Sensitive Data Discovery comes with 125+ pre-defined sensitive data types:

Sensitive Data Categories

Data Masking

Copying production data for non-production purposes proliferates sensitive data, expands the security and compliance boundary, and increases the likelihood of data breaches. If left unprotected non authorized users might access the data and possibly move it across locations.

Data Safe can mask data in your non-production environments while maintaining complex data relationships. Data Safe minimizes the amount of personal data and allows internal test, development, and analytics teams to operate with reduced risk.

Data Masking provides:

  • Masking of sensitive data identified by Sensitive Data Discovery feature
  • 50+ predefined masking formats
  • Automated format selection based upon sensitive type
  • Ability to define custom masking formats
  • Masking reports
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