Oracle’s Generation 2 Cloud data center now in Mumbai

Data is your most precious commodity, and the world’s biggest businesses trust it in Oracle’s hands. Our Second Generation Cloud infrastructure makes data management simpler, more powerful, and more predictable than ever before.

With the new data centre now open in Mumbai, it’s never been easier to tap into Oracle Cloud, releasing the full potential of your data.

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Designed to meet the needs of every business type, Oracle’s Second Generation Cloud infrastructure offers advanced technology and a complete integrated set of cloud services. Find out more about the cloud services available in a region near you.

Now Available Locally in Mumbai

Experience the new standard in performance and predictability with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, offering:

  • Superior price performance delivering tremendous value to customers running workloads that matter
  • Cutting-edge tools for innovation including AI applications, machine-learning security, and the world’s first autonomous database - all spun up within minutes
  • True peace of mind with core-to-edge cloud security designed for complete local, regional, and global compliance
  • Faster, simpler migration supported by open-standards technology and prebuilt systems integration
  • Freedom of accessibility to analytics, AI, and machine learning through any browser or mobile device

Effective innovation depends on a data supply chain that can be trusted to deliver. Build yours now in our Oracle data centre near you.