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Transport Layer Security for Oracle Hospitality
Transport Layer Security (TLS)
and Oracle Hospitality

Moving from SSL and early TLS? The time to migrate is now.


TLS and You: How Oracle Hospitality Can Help

Person on computer planning for Transport Layer Security (TLS)

The deadline to comply with the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council’s (PCI-SSC) mandate for Transport Layer Security (TLS) v1.1 or v 1.2 is June 30, 2018. Customers who are not compliant with this mandate will no longer be able to process credit cards. The following documentation has been created to assist our customers in identifying the steps required to become compliant. We highly recommend that all customers contact their payment provider to ensure they meet all requirements.

Required Actions for the PCI-SSC Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2) Requirement:

Actions for POS Customers:

Common Payment Providers:

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