Oracle Java Platform Integrator


Extend the reach of Java in the Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Easily customize Oracle Java Embedded products to reach a breadth of devices
  • Greater development and deployment flexibility
  • Consistent platform portable across choice of hardware and operating systems
  • Reduce engineering complexity, time-to-market and cost

Oracle has introduced the Oracle Java Platform Integrator program to provide partners with the ability to customize Oracle Java Embedded products, including Oracle Java SE Embedded, Oracle Java ME Embedded, and Oracle Java ME Embedded Client, to reach different device types and market segments. Coupled with the massive Java ecosystem of over 9 million Java developers worldwide, this new program will help enable greater development and deployment flexibility for the IoT.

Product ports that are available to license under the Oracle Java Platform Integrator program include the implementations available on the Deployment Platforms page.

The Oracle Java Platform Integrator program provides OEMs with greater flexibility of choice and functionality over their deployment platforms for Oracle Java Embedded products. This program delivers increased customer choice and control over their Bill of Materials (BOM) by addressing the challenges presented by the increasing levels of proprietary and fragmented hardware and operating system combinations present in the mid to lower tiers of the embedded device market.

This program is targeted at specialists across the ecosystem - companies that distribute or integrate embedded products or services including value-added providers, engineering services companies, porting partners, system on a chip (SoC) or chip manufacturers (or their recommended partners), system integrators, OEMs or ODMs. Through this program, platform integrators are able to focus on their value added services and applications while Oracle delivers a complete integrated and optimized Java stack, including an exposed porting layer which allows for customization for the spectrum of Hardware, OS and Driver combinations.

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Greater development and deployment flexibility

The Oracle Java Platform Integrator program provides opportunities for partners to leverage a consistent platform across their choice of hardware and operating systems, allowing customers to:

  • Reduce the engineering complexity and effort required tenable their applications and services across multiple platforms
  • Increase their opportunity for added product value and differentiation
  • Rapidly deploy and monetize standard Oracle Java ME Embedded implementations to explore new business opportunities
  • Oracle Java Platform Integrator program stach image

  • Benefit from Oracle's world-class lifetime support, patches and updates to further extend time-in-market for their applications beyond the lifespan of the underlying hardware
  • Reduce time-to-market and ongoing costs though a pre-integrated and optimized Oracle Java Embedded stack
  • Oracle investments in Java products, delivering high-quality product code
  • Program preserves unified core Java code, minimizing fragmentation and enabling standard deployments across devices
  • Oracle engineering support and training
  • Development Support program for each Oracle Java Embedded product.
  • Access to Oracle's Customer References and Global Customer Programs

Support Options

Pre-Deployment Support - OJPI Development Support Program:

  • Customized program offered per selected Oracle Java Embedded product
  • Specialized to provide partners with development level support
  • Includes access to Oracle engineering and 1-to-1 training

Post-Deployment Support - Oracle Premier Support for OJPI partners includes:

  • Oracle experts provide support for products deployed to your customers
  • Technical support accessible globally 24/7
  • Provides continuous access to Oracle product updates and innovation
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