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Oracle Java SE Subscription

Java SE is the most common platform for enterprise systems and ISV applications today. Oracle Java SE Subscription and Oracle Java SE Desktop Subscription are Oracle's solutions for enterprise developers and ISVs running mission critical applications and infrastructure on the Java SE platform.

What's New

  • NEW Release: JDK Mission Control (JMC) 7

    JDK Mission Control (JMC) 7 is an advanced set of tools that enables efficient and detailed data analysis, and delivers advanced, unobtrusive Java monitoring and management.

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  • NEW: Introducing Oracle Java SE Subscription

    Oracle Java SE Subscription combines license and support into a simple subscription that allows you to cost-effectively manage Java SE installations, updates and upgrades across your enterprise.

    1. Data Sheet [PDF]
  • Java Platform, Standard Edition 13

    Java SE 13.0.1 is the latest release of Java SE Platform. This release contains features like Switch Expressions, Dynamic CDS Archives, Enhancement to ZGC, and a modern implementation of Legacy Socket API. See OpenJDK 13 project page for more details.

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  • Java Platform, Standard Edition 11

    Java SE 11.0.5 is the latest update to the Java SE 11 Platform. This release contains improvements like Flight Recorder, HTTP/2 Client API, Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.3, and Scalable low-latency garbage collector. See OpenJDK 11 project page for more details.

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  • Oracle Java SE 8u231 is now available for download and includes important bug fixes.
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  • Oracle Java Advanced Management Console (AMC) is a tool used to view information about Java application usage within an enterprise through usage tracking. AMC also enables the creation of deployment rules and rule sets to manage the execution of browser-based Rich Internet Applications.
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  • MSI Enterprise JRE Installer is an MSI compatible installer that enables system administrators to install the JRE across the enterprise without end user interaction. Integrated with the MSI Installer is the Java Uninstall Tool which provides the option to remove older versions of Java from the system. The MSI Enterprise JRE Installer is only available as part of Java SE Advanced or Java SE Suite and is available to customers via MOS.
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Key Features

  • Support is an integral part of Java SE Subscription. Java SE Subscription is the only way to get Oracle Premiere Support for your Oracle Java SE products. You will have 24/7 access to an experienced Oracle Java support team and continued access to update releases for older versions of Java. Learn More
  • Java Mission Control (JMC) enables you to monitor and manage Java applications without introducing the performance overhead normally associated with these types of tools. It uses data collected for normal adaptive dynamic optimization of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Learn More
  • Java Flight Recorder (JFR) is a tool for collecting diagnostic and profiling data about a running Java application. It is integrated into the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and causes almost no performance overhead, so it can be used even in heavily loaded production environments. This powerful tool is primarily used for profiling, black box analysis, support and debugging. Learn More
  • Java Advanced Management Console (AMC) employs the Deployment Rule Set (DRS) security feature, along with other functionality including Java Usage Tracker, to give system administrators greater and easier control in managing Java version compatibility and security updates for desktops within their enterprise and for ISVs with Java-based applications and solutions, enabling a more secure environment and enhanced application experience and availability. Learn More
  • Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) Enterprise JRE Installer allows for pre-configured installation of the JRE on desktops in the enterprise without user interaction. Available for Windows 64 and 32 bit systems, the MSI compatible installer enables system administrators to provide automated, consistent installation of the JRE across all desktops in the enterprise, free of user interaction requirements. Now the common features such as rollback of unsuccessful installs, repair of broken installations and installing over existing broken installations are all accessible with the MSI Installer in place. Oracle Java SE Advanced product customers can download the MSI installer through their My Oracle Support (MOS) account. FAQ
  • Java Usage Tracker (JUT) tracks how Oracle Java SE Advanced and Oracle Java SE Suite Java Runtime Environments (JREs) are being used in your systems. The output of JUT is a plain text, comma-separated record that contains the JRE version, the application being run, and other details. This record is appended to a file or sent over the network in a User Datagram Protocol (UDP) packet. The AMC harvests an extensive set of data from the JUT about Java Applets and Web Start applications along with the JREs upon which they run. Gathered from a highly scalable number of clients in an enterprise network the data is stored in the AMC database. The data can then be viewed in the AMC User Interface for analysis. Learn More

Certified System Configurations

Each release of Oracle Java SE Subscription and Oracle Java SE Desktop Subscription is certified for the same system configurations as the corresponding Java SE release. For the latest supported system configurations, including operating system version, hardware platforms, desktop managers, and browsers, see the following:


Java SE Subscription is how you buy license and support for Oracle Java SE.  Customers who have Java SE Advanced, Java SE Advanced Desktop, Java SE Suite and/or use Oracle Java SE with an Oracle Product, will continue to receive support and updates as usual.  Customers who want commercial Java SE license and support can now choose the Java SE Subscription and/or Java SE Desktop Subscription. For more information, visit Oracle Java SE Subscription, and Oracle Java SE Support Roadmap.

See Java SE Platform Products Third Party License Readme Files for information about third party licenses for Java SE products.

Java Mission Control

Java Flight Recorder and Java Mission Control together create a complete tool chain to continuously collect low level and detailed runtime information enabling after-the-fact incident analysis. Java Flight Recorder is a profiling and event collection framework built into the Oracle JDK. It allows Java administrators and developers to gather detailed low level information about how the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and the Java application are behaving. Java Mission Control is an advanced set of tools that enables efficient and detailed analysis of the extensive of data collected by Java Flight Recorder. The tool chain enables developers and administrators to collect and analyze data from Java applications running locally or deployed in production environments.

Starting with the release of Oracle JDK 7 Update 40 (7u40), Java Mission Control is included in the JDK so no additional download is necessary.

Looking for Oracle JRockit Mission Control? See the JRockit information pages here.

BPM Learning Paths and Certification


What's New in Oracle BPM Suite 12c (PDF)

Eclipse Update Site

Java Mission Control Usage Demonstration


Getting Started

Advanced Management Console

The Java Advanced Management Console (AMC) offers system administrators greater and easier control in managing Java version compatibility and security updates for desktops within their enterprise and for ISVs with Java-based applications and solutions.

The principal benefits of the Advanced Management Console are:

  • Usage Tracking: AMC collects information about which Java applications are launched by which Java versions, creating an application compatibility inventory. Usage Tracking can be configured automatically through the Windows Agent, or via configuration properties on other platforms.
  • Taking Action: The Deployment Rule Set capabilities enable different Applet & Web Start applications to use different versions of Java installed on clients. This benefits organizations that must use older versions of Java or need many different Java versions for different reasons.
  • MSI Customizations: System Administrators can use the Java Install Customizer tool to repackage MSIs, controlling the way that Java is installed on managed systems.

 The Java Management Console is available starting with the release of Oracle JDK 8 Update 20 (8u20) for use with the Java SE Advanced Products.