Advanced Management Console 2.10 Release Notes

The Java Advanced Management Console (AMC) offers system administrators greater and easier control in managing Java version compatibility and security updates for desktops within their enterprise and for ISVs with Java-based applications and solutions.

AMC is available from My Oracle Support (MOS) and Java Advanced Management Console Downloads page. For an overview of the Advanced Management Console, see the Advanced Management Console product page.

What's New

This release of the Advanced Management Console is primarily a bug fix release. See What's New In Advanced Management Console for descriptions of changes and new features in this and other releases of the Advanced Management Console.


Known Issues

The following table contains a list of known issues in the Advanced Management Console 2.10 release:

JAMC Number Description


 [Server] Agent auto-update flag not take effect to older agents like 2.4


 agent failed to install non-enterprise jre9 on windows


 agent failed to uninstall jre9 on windows

Fixed Issues

The following table contains a list of issues that were addressed in Advanced Management Console 2.10.

JAMC Number Description

 Java versions table cannot be sorted by date


 Do not clear commands which are not completed or failed

 JAMC-5518 -forceremove is not implemented on OS X


 GET application by parameters API treats request without providing location parameter as location is null


 New Update Agent Intervals command not cancel previous one


 Agent bundles aren't regenerated after updating the port in Configuration Tab


 Bad alignment of display type buttons in desktop and Java Usage tabs


 The App Server Version displayed on the About dialog isn't correct


 Preserve existing system-wide deployment config file


 The Details column of the command table is "Unidentified" for Set Java Auto Update command


 2 JNI exception pending defect groups in WindowsPlatform.cpp


 Commands table displays wrong values for 'Details' column