NOTE: With the advancement of Java Management Service (JMS) and its enhanced capabilities and simplified model, Oracle is announcing users of the Advanced Management Console (AMC) feature should migrate to JMS by the end of 2024. Read more in our blog post at The Future of Java Management: Migrating from Advanced Management Console to Java Management Service. For an in-depth comparative analysis of AMC and JMS, and to explore the advantages of migrating to JMS, refer to the Migrating from AMC to JMS guide.

Java Advanced Management Console Downloads

The Advanced Management Console, available for download in My Oracle Support (MOS), is part of Java SE Subscription and Java SE Advanced, and requires a commercial license for use in production.

AMC may be downloaded for development and testing according to the terms set forth in the License Terms. To inquire about production use, please contact your local Oracle sales representative.

The EAR file (Enterprise Application Archive) is designed to be deployed on a WebLogic Server.

For details on setting up and using the Advanced Management Console, see the installation and usage guides or the Advanced Management Console product page.