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Advanced Management Console 2.12 Release Notes

The Java Advanced Management Console (AMC) offers system administrators greater and easier control in managing Java version compatibility and security updates for desktops within their enterprise and for ISVs with Java-based applications and solutions.

AMC is available from My Oracle Support (MOS) and Java Advanced Management Console Downloads page. For an overview of the Advanced Management Console, see the Advanced Management Console product page.

What's New

This release of the Advanced Management Console is primarily a bug fix release. See the What's New In Advanced Management Console page for descriptions of the additions to the Advanced Management Console features in all releases, so far.


Known Issues

The following table contains a list of known issues in the Advanced Management Console 2.12 release:

JAMC Number Description


 agent failed to uninstall jre9 on window


 agent failed to install non-enterprise jre9 on windows

Fixed Issues

The following table contains a list of issues that were addressed in Advanced Management Console 2.12.

JAMC Number Description

 Make code changes in AMC to handle commercial flag removal in JDK11


 Code changes in AMC to handle deployment stack removal in JDK


 Some JREs, although found during the scan, are not reported to the server


 Agent Download: AMC agent proxy settings to access the internet


 Communication error: java.nio.file.InvalidPathException: trailing space in path


 Improve REST services robustness


 Double escaping of HTML


 AMC can't detect usage of AppCDS commercial feature


 AMC does not recognise module apps


 AMC is not reporting hostname/ip address


 Improve REST data support


 [regression]Cannot sort the table under the pop-up dialog


 Optimize server usage for Settings page: request parameters in JSON


 Server hostname is not validated when editing


 JUT parsing: for local applets, the exception contains placeholder {0}


 Proper validation is not implemented in Configuartion -> Settings


InstallCount value given by report API is wrong when application location is null


 NPE in JREScanner.checkForVersion aborts entire scan


 "Server port number" field must be validated while editing Configuration -> Settings page