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Advanced Management Console 2.22 Release Notes

The Java Advanced Management Console (AMC) offers system administrators greater and easier control in managing Java version compatibility and security updates for desktops within their enterprise and for ISVs with Java-based applications and solutions.

AMC is available from My Oracle Support (MOS) and Java Advanced Management Console Downloads page. For an overview of the Advanced Management Console, see the Advanced Management Console product page.

What's New

See the What's New In Advanced Management Console page for descriptions of the additions to the Advanced Management Console features in all releases until now.


Other Notes

The following points provide additional information about this release:

  • Containerized Advanced Management Console

    Oracle provides an easy-to-deploy containerized version of Advanced Management Console. Containerized AMC uses WebLogic Kubernetes Operator (WKO) for deploying and managing AMC. This solution can be easily deployed in cloud or non-cloud environments and leverages scaling functionality of the operator within a Kubernetes framework. This will address the complexity involved in installing and maintaining the non-containerized AMC without the intervention of IT or any specialized technical skills. For more details, see Containerized AMC Deployment Guide.

  • Support for Oracle WebLogic 14c

    Advanced Management Console version 2.20 onwards supports Oracle WebLogic 14c.

  • Automatic Update of Advanced Management Console Agent

    When upgrading the Advanced Management Console to version 2.17 or later, and if the Agent Auto Update option is enabled, you must manually replace the signing certificate in the agent machine. For detailed steps, see Automatic Update of Advanced Management Console Agent.

  • Advanced Management Console Agent Installation on macOS

    While installing Advanced Management Console agent on macOS, a dialog appears confirming that the AMCAgent app is downloaded. Click Open to install the agent successfully.

  • JRE Path Reported Differently in macOS Catalina

    Due to change in the macOS Catalina file system, the files and folders present in the user directory are displayed in another path as well. To avoid reporting duplicates, the path /System/Volumes/ is excluded from JRE tracking by default on macOS. To include this path, remove the /System/Volumes/ entry from the Paths To Exclude From JRE Tracking field. For detailed steps, see Tracking Managed JREs in Agents.

  • Password Reset Support

    The password reset functionality added in AMC 2.17 does not support LDAP accounts.

  • End of Support for Oracle WebLogic Server 12.1.x

    Oracle WebLogic Server 12.1.x Extended Support ended in Dec 2019. Therefore, AMC updates released after Dec 2019 require Oracle WebLogic Server 12.2.x. AMC users running on WebLogic Server 12.1.x should upgrade to 12.2.x as soon as possible.

  • End of Support for Windows 7

    Microsoft will not support Windows 7 post January 14, 2020. Consequently, Windows 7 will not be a supported platform for future releases of AMC.

  • Java Web Start

    Java Web Start has been removed from Java SE 11 and later. Hence, while uploading JRE using the Add Java Version window, the jnlp file gets downloaded. You need to run the java webstart command to open the Add Java Version window and upload the file.

    For additional information about Java Web Start, see: Java Client Roadmap Update.

  • Security Recommendations for WebLogic Server

    AMC requires that you keep your instance of WebLogic Server up-to-date with security patches. It is recommended that you subscribe to receive notifications of Oracle’s Critical Patch Update Advisories and Security Alerts. Refer to https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/security/securityemail-090378.html for instructions.

  • Java Plug-in Support for JDK 8

    Java plug-in support is removed from JDK 8 (8u271) on macOS, Linux, and Solaris platforms.

  • Java Plug-in Support in Browsers

    Java Plug-in support has been removed from Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers in Windows, Linux, and macOS platforms.

    For additional information, see:

Known Issues

The following table lists the known issues in the Advanced Management Console 2.22 release.

JAMC Number Description
1 JAMC-4933 Web Enabled JREs may not been reported correctly for initial scan when jre version is the same as AMC agent bundled
2 JAMC-8962 Containerized AMC download speed is very slow for agent and JRE
3 JAMC-9150 macOS - Valid pkg file import fails with error: Selected Java Installer file doesn’t have required metadata

Fixed Issues

The following table contains a list of issues that were addressed in the Advanced Management Console 2.22 release.

JAMC Number Description
1 JAMC-6784 WebUI(JAWS): All page input boxes do not support JAWS correctly
2 JAMC-7301 [aXe a11y check] Radio inputs with the same name attribute value must be part of a group
3 JAMC-7765 [a11y] The selectAllDesktops checkbox can't be checked by keyboard [WebuiScenarios/testCommon_AccessByKeyboard
4 JAMC-8020 Provide a way to remove DRS
5 JAMC-8071 No visual feedback for pressing Save button
6 JAMC-8085 No way to display all installed JREs on desktops
7 JAMC-8161 util.JavaVersion.parseJavaVersion never returns optional info from JEP223 version string
8 JAMC-8171 Inconsistent parsing of new Java version: "9" → "9", ""
9 JAMC-8201 Allow pre-release string to contain numbers
10 JAMC-8238 The list of JREs in Properties view of Desktop tab is not sorted
11 JAMC-8240 OutOfMemoryError is thrown when exporting data
12 JAMC-8559 Analyze and provide a better way to process auto-upgrade of agent
13 JAMC-8791 JRE/JDK directory is not scanned and reported from all locations
14 JAMC-8817 Clicking On JREFullVersion_Bar for Java9 redirects wrongly
15 JAMC-8921 Nothing will be read when entering the next page from the previous page for initialization pages.
16 JAMC-8953 JRE Scan : EA Builds need not to be shown as security baselined
17 JAMC-8954 Provide flexibility for agent to pick directories to scan for locating JDK/JRE
18 JAMC-8980 Pass all parameters for agent registration in JSON
19 JAMC-9045 Deploy AMC agent to re-imaged host with the same old hostname/ip address
20 JAMC-9058 VoiceOver does not read the list item contents correctly on the pop-up ComboBox
21 JAMC-9126 AMC upgrade from 2.19 to 2.20 b06 fails with Oracle DB
22 JAMC-9139 Better messaging when creating desktop group where same host has been mapped to multiple group values
23 JAMC-9143 Minor UI misalignment in Configuration page
24 JAMC-9193 Eliminate code duplication when loading user properties
25 JAMC-9195 Buttons under Other Actions to be disabled in Properties view
26 JAMC-9216 Do not update security baselines during initialization
27 JAMC-9222 InstallOptionsParser.parseInstallOptions(byte[]) can skip closing the InputStream
28 JAMC-9260 Desktop Group did not reset the failure value while creating a new Desktop Group
29 JAMC-9261 Unable to delete subsequent DRS without page reload post a delete operation
30 JAMC-9312 Upgrade Jersey to latest (2.34)
31 JAMC-9322 Preserving temporary backup files during agent auto upgrade
32 JAMC-9347 Some JDK version strings per JEP 223 are not accepted
33 JAMC-9350 Active rule set value is displayed even after removing DRS from system
34 JAMC-9351 RemoveDRSFile command fails even after the files got deleted from DRS location
35 JAMC-9352 No retries for RemoveDRSFile command
36 JAMC-9354 Exception in ScanJRETask while performing Local Storage Scan
37 JAMC-9371 selectAllDesktops checkbox can't be checked by keyboard [WebuiScenarios/testCommon_AccessByKeyboard]
38 JAMC-9375 Incorrect baseline information in Status tab
39 JAMC-9376 By default Java releases table should be sorted by Release Date column
40 JAMC-9378 Keystore password issue on certificate upgrade
41 JAMC-9386 Java Versions count doubles under status screen
42 JAMC-9387 [AMC 2.22] Internal Server Error while accessing Desktops tab
43 JAMC-9390 Unable to view released java versions
44 JAMC-9395 Desktop export report does not work as expected
45 JAMC-9401 cache control is null for export API Reponse
46 JAMC-9402 AMC_SIGNATURE and SIGNED_CERTIFICATE from Shared are never used
47 JAMC-9411 Incorrect processing of version strings as per JEP 223
48 JAMC-9414 Unable to register AMC Agent in macOS BigSur
49 JAMC-9425 Unable to export Java Usage Report with Oracle DB as backend