Java SE 8u74 Advanced and Java SE 8u74 Support Release Notes

Java SE 8u74 Release Notes

The Java SE 8u74 Advanced Platform, available for Java SE Subscription customers, is based on the current Java SE 8u74 release. This release is also available for legacy Java SE Suite, Java SE Advanced, and Java SE Support and when directed by support to be used as part of another Oracle product.

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Java SE 8u74 Bundled Patch Release (BPR) - Bug Fixes and Updates

The following sections summarize changes made in all Java SE 8u74 BPRs. Bug fixes and any other changes are listed below in date order, most current BPR first. Note that bug fixes in previous BPR are also included in the current BPR.

To determine the version of your JDK software, use the following command:

java -version

Changes in Java SE 8u74 b32

Bug Fixes

BugId Component Subcomponent Summary
6675699 hotspot compiler need comprehensive fix for unconstrained ConvI2L with narrowed typed
8130735 client-libs javax.swing javax.swing.TimerQueue: timer fires late when another timer starts
8038837 security-libs Add support to jarsigner for specifying timestamp hash algorithm
deploy plugin pac file returns wrong proxy with IE only due to broken wildcarding
deploy plugin .pac file returns wrong proxy
deploy webstart NPE is introduced by 8133458

Changes in Java SE 8u74 b31

Please note that fixes from the prior BPR (8u72 b31) are included in this version.

Bug Fixes

BugId Component Subcomponent Summary
8144963 deploy webstart Javaws checks jar files twice if JVM needs to be restarted
deploy webstart (JWS)LazyRootStore leak when calling getResourceAsStream on non-class resource
8142982 deploy webstart Race Condition can cause CacheEntry.getJarSigningData() to return null.