Java Persistence API

The Java Persistence API provides a POJO persistence model for object-relational mapping. The Java Persistence API was developed by the EJB 3.0 software expert group as part of JSR 220, but its use is not limited to EJB software components. It can also be used directly by web applications and application clients, and even outside the Java EE platform, for example, in Java SE applications. See JSR 220.


Using Java Persistence API Within a Visual Web Application

NetBeans IDE 6.0, the Visual Web tools, and Java Persistence API (JPA) give you greater flexibility for writing database-dependent applications.

Using the Java Persistence API on the Desktop

Learn how the Java Persistence API allows you to use POJOs in desktop applications.

The Java Persistence API: A Simpler Programming Model for Entity Persistence

See how much easier and streamlined it is to code for entity persistence with EJB 3.0 and the Java Persistence API than with the EJB 2.1 programming model.


Java Persistence API FAQ

This FAQ introduces the Java Persistence API and discusses the Java Persistence API's advantages and how it is being developed.


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