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Oracle Audience Segmentation

Improve marketing campaign performance by targeting and segmenting consumers more effectively. Oracle Audience Segmentation lets you quickly process a large volume of often-siloed and cross-channel customer data. Go beyond campaign-level details to easily build audience segments that reach the right people.

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Easily align data and eliminate silos

Bring multiple data sources into our flexible data model. Add new custom objects or attributes, create different relationships, rename data points, and much more.

Data management

Review, manage, and update your customer data as needed. Create flexible data models using the filter designer. Select different profile-based attributes along with data and segment imports and exports.

Data objects

The default data model within Oracle Audience Segmentation comes with a prepackaged set of data objects—organized into profile, behavioral, and transactional object groups as well as other attributes—that help you manage your data more effectively. If the default data model doesn't fully meet your needs, you can create custom data objects and attributes.

Agile audience assembly

Sort through your customer data without SQL. Drag-and-drop tools make it easy to build segments and include critical information to personalize each message.

Audience designer

Segment your marketing initiatives based on aggregated customer values. You can easily filter to find your top 15% of buyers or isolate the least-engaged web visitors.

Capture counts quickly

Save time while improving the accuracy of your targeting. Evaluate the size of an audience without waiting hours for a query to complete.

Use audience segments across B2C marketing channels or campaigns

Use prebuilt connectors to Oracle Responsys Campaign Management, Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement, Oracle Advertising, and more. Target audience segments you’ve created across your campaigns. As your goals or campaign strategies shift, you can quickly alter existing segments or build new audiences.

Importing and exporting data

Seamlessly transfer data into or out of Oracle Audience Segmentation. You can configure data job runs to go on a regular schedule or manually, as needed.

Campaign personalization

Every segment created comes with a set of personalization attributes for the customers within them. Export personalized variables to your campaign management system so that they are included in messages to your consumers.

Key benefits—Audience Segmentation

  • High-precision targeting

    Augment your consumer data using any data source—from CRM to back office, unknown to known.

  • Faster time-to-value with no IT support needed

    Streamline and automate audience segmentation, finding the ideal balance of reach and impact.

  • Flexible segment building

    Use easy-to-customize profiles and transactional and behavioral data objects to build your audience segments.

  • Discover new customers

    Deliver more relevant experiences to newly-discovered segments, driving personalization and engagement.

    Personalized B2C marketing best practices

DECEMBER 13, 2021

5 ways audience segmentation fuels better marketing strategies

John Rampton, Entrepreneur and Founder, Due

Audience segmentation isn’t a new idea, yet some marketing and sales teams wonder how it can truly help move to the needle to help meet sales goals. Therefore, many don’t reap the benefits of dividing potential customers into buckets. Continue reading for five benefits of segmenting your target personas by psychographic, geographic, social, and behavioral characteristics.

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