HR Risk Management with Oracle Advanced HCM Controls

Embed risk management best practices across HR with an AI-powered access and transaction monitoring solution. Automate security analysis and streamline access certifications to protect against privacy violations, payroll fraud, and error.

Explore Oracle Advanced HCM Controls

Optimized security by design

Secure HCM role design

Automate the analysis required for security design and configuration to ensure all roles are secure and audit-ready.

Role design with minimal risks

Visualize security risks and simulate the impact of configuration changes to speed up role design improvements.

Best practice rules

Use embedded sensitive access and separation of duties (SoD) rules to ensure your roles are compliant prior to go-live.

Automated access and separation of duties (SoD) controls

Complete and accurate analysis

Prevent security risks due to evolving user access with a complete analysis of functional privileges and data security.

Extensive rules library

Accelerate implementation with a library of best practice sensitive access and SoD rules, configurable reports, and dashboards.

Embedded security analysis

Eliminate the unnecessary exposure of sensitive security data required for third-party services or integrations.

Access certification workflows

Access certification for critical HR processes

Scope sensitive roles (payroll, benefits admin, compensation analyst, and so on), and ensure users have need-based access.

Automated routing to line managers

Streamline workflows by routing based on manager hierarchy and/or designated process owners for authorization or approval.

Continuous access certification

Minimize access risk by ensuring any new user granted sensitive access is promptly reviewed and certified.

Continuous monitoring of user security and activity

Policy monitoring and enforcement

Continuously analyze every user's security configuration and monitor user activity to quickly identify policy violations.

Visual workbench to author rules

Deploy controls rapidly by either configuring best practice rules or authoring new ones with an easy-to-use visual workbench.

Dashboards to manage exceptions

Monitor exceptions using configurable dashboards and reporting. Resolve issues using a simple incident workflow.

Automated HCM configuration monitoring

Setup and master data monitoring

Track and evaluate configuration changes across key processes including payroll, benefits, compensation, talent management, and recruiting.

Smart notifications and alerts

Get alerts for frequent changes made to HCM configurations such as salary increase, onboarding, and promotion approvals.

Exception management and routing

Ensure all exceptions are routed to process owners for timely review, replacing emails and spreadsheets.

Automated HCM transaction monitoring

Audit of all HCM transactions

Replace legacy audit scripts and data extracts with built-in, modern AI tools and pattern matching to analyze all transactions.

Fraud and error prevention

Identify, investigate, and remediate risks such as ghost employees, duplicate user records, and payroll errors.

Anomaly detection and analysis

Notify stakeholders when unusual activity or changes are detected across personal data, jobs, salary, timecards, and other areas.

Advanced HCM Controls Customer Successes

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Advanced HCM Controls compliance benefits

  • Eliminate exposure and loss of sensitive HR data

    Protect your proprietary data by eliminating the need to bulk extract employee, compensation, and payroll data for script-based analysis or third-party tools.

  • Audit 100% of all HCM-related transactions

    Leverage built-in AI to analyze all transactions and data (such as employee data, compensation, and payroll). Eliminate error and added cost by replacing hand-crafted legacy audit scripts with a modern workbench for authoring rules.

  • Manage exceptions with ease

    Ensure all exceptions are routed to process owners for timely review (replacing emails and spreadsheets).

  • Reduce significant financial risk

    Save millions of dollars, on average, by preventing employee data breaches.

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