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Build resilience with one cloud for HR and finance

With 78% of the workforce saying the pandemic has affected their mental health (PDF), there is a lot of work to do to support the well-being of your people. Employees want help and companies are embracing technology and AI solutions as a way to give information, automate tasks, and decrease workloads.

A common cloud platform will enable HR and finance teams to collaborate and plan with speed and confidence. From employee safety and training to cost controls and productivity, this is a tremendous opportunity to pivot forward and build the resilience your organization needs.

5 reasons to unify HR and finance with Oracle Cloud

1. Ensure business continuity with one secure data model
2. Increase employee productivity by digitizing shared business processes
3. Monitor business performance with prebuilt HR, finance, and operations KPIs
4. Lower total cost of ownership by reducing complex integrations and maintenance
5. Continuously innovate with quarterly software updates

Learn why industry analysts and customers consistently rate Oracle as a leader for Cloud HCM Suites and Cloud ERP Suites.

Six ways to increase productivity and realize greater ROI

1. Provide one conversational user experience for HR and finance

2. Monitor the entire business easily and efficiently

3. Identify, plan, and budget for the workforce you need to pivot forward

4. Better manage projects through one workforce data repository

5. Simplify time and labor reporting with a human experience

6. Reduce risk and improve security by automating internal controls

Make the move to one cloud for HR and finance

Learn the top six reasons customers chose to add Oracle Cloud HCM to their Oracle Cloud ERP solution. Each found new and easier ways to manage their people and their business—including how they access and analyze information, collaborate, and use data to create a better employee experience.

Solution Brochure: One Cloud for HR and Finance (PDF)
One Cloud for HR and Finance

Customer highlights from 'Uniting HR and Finance" Virtual Summit

YRC gains efficiency and innovation with Oracle Cloud HCM and ERP

Listen to Jason Ringgenberg, CIO of YRC, discuss how unifying its HR and finance systems with Oracle Cloud has increased productivity and streamlined business processes across its portfolio of brands.

TrueBlue moves the business forward with Oracle Cloud HCM and ERP

TrueBlue's mission is connecting people with work. Hear Derrek Gafford, Executive Vice President and CFO, at TrueBlue, discuss how a single cloud for HR and finance is helping the company further develop its people and foster strategic growth.

Customer successes with Oracle Cloud HCM and ERP

Kroger improves employee experience with Oracle Cloud HCM and ERP

Keeping its associates engaged and productive is essential to Kroger's success. That's why they chose Oracle Cloud to digitize HR and finance processes.

Baylor University migrates its financial and HR systems to Oracle Cloud

Moving its financial and HR systems to Oracle Cloud ERP, EPM, and HCM has helped the university spend its budget where it counts most: in the classroom and research lab.

With Oracle Cloud applications, we don’t just look at HR analytics by themselves. We don’t just look at finance analytics on their own. It’s really: How do you merge the insights from both the finance side and the HCM side? Having an integrated platform is allowing us to do that.

David Hovstadius Hearst, Senior Vice President of Finance Operations

The Case for Collaborating in an Uncertain World

MIT Technology Review Insights, in association with Oracle, recently surveyed 860 global executives on how they are conducting strategic enterprise planning. Get their perspectives on what it takes to succeed in an environment of constant change and disruption.

See the latest innovations for Oracle Cloud HCM

  • Oracle Dynamic Skills

    Put the power of skills to work by bringing together skills data from across talent processes and your organization to connect employees with growth opportunities.

    Learn more about Dynamic Skills

  • Oracle Journeys

    Easy to create, configure, and share across the organization, Oracle Journeys helps guide employees through personal and professional transitions with ease.


    Learn more about Journeys

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