Oracle Sustainability Solutions

Oracle Sustainability Solutions

Improve Environmental Performance While Creating Business Value

Oracle Sustainability Solutions

Practical Solutions that Help Protect the Planet

Oracle is committed to developing practices and products that help protect the environment. We see sustainability as a natural extension of business operations and address sustainability challenges with solutions that can be easily integrated with a company’s core business activities.

Creating a Sustainable Future

Oracle is in the unique position of providing solutions that cover all aspects of the nexus of IT and sustainable business practices, hardware, technology and applications, from cloud data centers to business intelligence to smart utility grids. We use many of these same technologies and business practices within our own operations to reuse, recycle and reduce. We also recognize that there is always more to be done and look forward to contributing to building a new circular economy that promotes greater resource productivity.

Achieve Success with Oracle’s Sustainability Solutions


Oracle's solutions help companies achieve environmental performance improvement while creating business value.


    Risk and Performance Solutions

    Set environmental goals, build them into operating plans, proactively track progress, and report on outcomes.


    Business Operations

    Manage environmental impacts in your value chain by designing sustainable products, minimizing the use of resources, optimizing logistics, and many other strategies.


    IT Infrastructure

    Dramatically decrease environmental impact and energy costs with an optimized IT infrastructure and technologies, such as the Internet of Things and big data.


    Cloud Operations

    Leverage Oracle’s market-leading cloud infrastructure with its high utilization rates and optimized energy usage.

Walmart Drives Sustainability with Oracle RightNow
Cisco's Commitment to a Sustainable Supply Chain

Learn how Cisco improved sustainability with Oracle Supply Chain Management. By embedding environmental best practices into its core business processes, Cisco maximized sustainability throughout its supply chain.

Ricoh Europe Drives Sustainability with Oracle Cloud
Ricoh Europe Drives Sustainability with Oracle Cloud

We have accomplished our goals while reducing our CO2 emissions and will continue to review and increase value for our clients, employees, and the environment into the future.

—Ian Winham, CIO and CFO, Ricoh Europe


Cognizant Technology Solutions
Cognizant Technology Solutions Improves Database and Application Scalability to Support Growth, Reduces Power Consumption by 75%
We moved to Oracle Exadata Database Machine as part of our initiative to enhance system performance and scale to support future growth. Our IT and functional teams, along with Oracle, worked together to seamlessly move our large data volumes onto Oracle Exadata with minimal disruption to day-to-day operations and in record time.
– Robert Telesmanic, Senior Vice President and Corporate Controller, Cognizant Technology Solutions
Delivering on the Smart Grid Promise
Delivering on the Smart Grid Promise
BGE is committed to engaging customers in energy efficiency, behavioral, and demand response programs like BGE Smart Energy Rewards® that help customers save energy and money.
– America Lesh, Baltimore Gas & Electric
Walmart Drives Sustainability with Oracle RightNow
Walmart Drives Sustainability with Oracle

The Oracle RightNow platform gave us the flexibility, capacity, and tools that we needed to build, our efficient supplier engagement platform. We partnered with Oracle partner Solutions 4 Retail Brands to leverage Oracle Service Cloud to engage thousands of suppliers across hundreds of products and categories.

—Robert Kaplan, Director, Product Sustainability, Walmart Stores, Inc.


In the Spotlight

Newsweek Article


Oracle Breaks Top 10 in Newsweek Green Rankings

Oracle is #10 in the United States and #17 in the world in the 2016 Newsweek Green Rankings, one of the world’s most recognized assessments of corporate environmental performance.

Drive Business Value with a More Sustainable Supply Chain


Drive Business Value with a More Sustainable Supply Chain

Learn how the impact of supply chains on the environment as well as the economies and societies they touch is profound.

Art of Commerce Blog


An Overview of Oracle Sustainability Solutions

Integrated with your core business processes, Oracle sustainability solutions deliver triple bottom-line benefits to people, planet, and profits.


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