TimesTen In-Memory Database 18.1
  featuring TimesTen Scaleout

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database (TimesTen) Release 18.1 represents the next generation of the widely used TimesTen In-memory relational database. Building on the foundations of previous TimesTen versions it introduces TimesTen Scaleout; a scale-out database with transparent data distribution, a single database image, ACID transactions, automatic high-availability, elastic scalability and of course extreme performance. It provides real-time applications with the instant responsiveness and very high throughput required by extreme OLTP workloads. Applications can access a TimesTen Scaleout database using SQL, PLSQL, and standard interfaces and the database can elastically scale accordingly to the demands of your business.

The initial release (18.1.1) of TimesTen 18.1 supports only TimesTen Scaleout. Support for TimesTen Classic, including Application-Tier Database Cache, will be reintroduced soon in an upcoming patchset. See TimesTen In-Memory Database Overview for difference between TimesTen Scaleout and TimesTen Classic.

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TimesTen is integrated with Oracle SQL Developer:
      TimesTen Support in
Oracle SQL Developer

Product Family

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Tutorials and Demos

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Customer Use Cases

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Additional Resources

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