Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition

Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition is built on the global standard for enterprise-class application development, Java SE.  GraalVM Enterprise is built on the global standard for enterprise-class application development, Java SE. GraalVM Enterprise is a multilingual virtual machine, and delivers even higher efficiency, better isolation and greater agility for enterprises in cloud and hybrid environment.

Key Components

  • GraaVMl Compiler - generates compiled code to run in either JavaVM or our Native Image Virtual Machine
  • GraalVM Native Image - allows scripted applications to be compiled ahead of time into a binary that runs natively on the system
  • Polyglot Capabilities - supports Java, Scala, Kotlin, JavaScript, and Node.js
  • Language Implementation Framework - enables implementing any language for the GraalVM environment
  • LLVM Interpreter - permits native code to run in a managed environment in GraalVM Enterprise


  • Efficiency
    • Performance - ´╗┐GraalVM Enterprise shows up to 3x performance improvements on a wide variety of measurements in the new JVM benchmark called “Renaissance,” which was accepted at the most prestigious programming language conference—PLDI.  The benchmark and performance results are maintained by Charles University in Prague and are available at
    • Smaller - Ideal for cloud native environments because it starts services 100X faster and reduces memory usage up to 5X by compiling Java ahead-of-time
  • Security
    • Safe Mode - Includes a “safe mode” for native libraries based on our LLVM bitcode interpreter, which will compile even C code to use managed memory, garbage collection and bounds-checks, which help protect against common security applications vulnerabilities like buffer overflows.
    • Native Image - Improves security by reducing your application attack surface by only putting code needed by your application into the runtime, removing unused code that could expand the attack surface.
  • Agility
    • Polyglot - Allows legacy applications to be modernized and new ones to be built faster. Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and R are all available at competitive performance within the same execution environment.
    • Interoperability - Languages executed in GraalVM can call each other without overhead and libraries from other languages can be used.
    • Embeddability - Embed dynamic languages and native code with sandboxing capabilities. GraalVM Enterprise is also integrated into in Oracle Netsuite and the Oracle RDBMS Multilingual Engine
    • Tooling - Graal benefits from JVM-based tooling and all languages share common tooling such as debugging and profiling.

More information:

For more information, check out the documentation for GraalVM Enterprise on the Oracle documentation page. Keep an eye out for more information via blog posts on