Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation

The Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite provides the industry’s best in class platform for business intelligence, including ad-hoc query and analysis, dashboards, enterprise reporting, mobile analytics, scorecards, multidimensional OLAP, predictive analytics, on an architecturally integrated business intelligence foundation. This enabling technology for custom and packaged business intelligence applications helps organizations drive innovation, optimize operations, simplify IT, and deliver extreme performance at lower total cost of ownership. 

The BI Foundation is also a key enabling software for Oracle Exalytics, the industry's first engineered system for in-memory analytics that delivers the fastest performance for business intelligence and planning applications.

The BI Foundation also leverages Oracle Real-Time Decisions, a platform that combines both rules and predictive analytics to power solutions for real-time enterprise decision management. It enables real-time intelligence to be instilled into any type of business process or customer interaction.

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Product and Related Areas

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Legacy Products

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