Oracle Tuxedo

Oracle Tuxedo is #1 application server for C, C++, COBOL, Java and dynamic language applications in private cloud or traditional data center environments. Oracle Tuxedo provides a highly reliable and linearly scalable platform to develop, deploy and manage mission-critical applications. Oracle Tuxedo provides optimized communication among applications written in multiple programming languages (C, C++, COBOL, Java, PHP, Python and Ruby), which co-exist in the same container. Oracle Tuxedo includes various tools for application development, deployment and management to lower total cost of ownership.

What's New
Oracle Tuxedo 12c (12.2.2) 
Oracle Tuxedo 12.2.2, a feature rich release, introduces several major features in the area of cloud enablement, application development, management/ monitoring and integration of Tuxedo applications. This release includes tooling to create private cloud deployments, support for Docker images and introspection tool to move Tuxedo apps from one environment to other. Tuxedo applications now use distributed cache with integration with Oracle Coherence. Oracle TSAM Plus enables capture of transactions and its payload for future replays and analysis. And a new Tuxedo Service Console is included for easy and effective management of Tuxedo services.

Oracle Tuxedo Advanced Performance Pack 
Oracle Tuxedo Advanced Performance Pack includes several optimizations, which improve Tuxedo applications performance, availability and scalability significantly without requiring any change to the application code. This pack is applicable to all applications running on any Tuxedo supported platform.

Oracle Tuxedo 12c Release Notes


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