Solutions Oracle SCM — Gestion de la demande

Planification de la Supply Chain

Concentrez-vous sur vos clients et dynamisez vos sources de revenus. Prenez plus rapidement des décisions de planification plus judicieuses. Alignez les plans sur les opérations pour obtenir des résultats.

Demand Management

Oracle Demand Management solutions help you maximize profitability with superior capabilities to identify demand more quickly. Automated forecasting ensures that your plans are based on the most accurate forecasts—without hiring additional statistical expertise. The result is a customer-centric organization with higher service levels and sales, lower inventory and distribution costs, and satisfied customers.

Demand Management Cloud

Demand Management Cloud

Better forecast accuracy helps you improve customer service while reducing costs. But how can you predict demand when your business constantly changes? Oracle Demand Management Cloud:

  • Combines proven forecasting algorithms with flexible analytics to anticipate customer demand
  • Provides immediate feedback on new products, business segments and customer behaviors that drive demand, so you can respond to these changes
  • Helps you to evolve quickly to more customer-centric planning via easy cloud-based deployment unified with other Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud solutions
  • Enables you to achieve and sustain better performance
Data sheet: Oracle Demand Management Cloud (PDF)
Demand Management

Demand Management

A modern demand management platform provides a “statistician in a box” and automated collaboration capabilities.

  • Respond to demand variability and uncertainty with real-time demand planning
  • Improve forecast accuracy with an automated and sophisticated Bayesian forecasting engine
  • Drive consensus and accountability with advanced collaboration tools
  • Quickly respond to changing market conditions with automated exception management and workflow
Data sheet: Oracle Supply Chain Planning: Demantra Demand Management (PDF)
Demand Signal Management

Demand Signal Management

A powerful big data tool to capture and manage large volumes of disparate external retail demand data.

  • Leverage downstream data to drive profitable growth while reducing IT complexity and cost
  • Identify potential problems as well as areas of opportunity with best-in-class analytics
  • Gain a near-real-time picture of store level sales and inventory management trends
  • Understand marketwide trends with cleansed and harmonized data
Data sheet: Oracle Supply Chain Planning: Demand Signal Repository (PDF)

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