Oracle License Management Services

About Oracle License Management Services

What Is Oracle License Management Services?

Oracle License Management Services (LMS) is a global team of licensing experts and consultants that works closely with customers and partners to help them extract the full value from their Oracle investments.

Our goal is to enable a more simplified, proactive, and informed approach to license management and to support customers in maintaining a compliant license estate that is perfectly aligned to business demand.

Promoting Best Practice

Oracle License Management Services provides customers with the authoritative voice, coupled with practical advice, on all aspects of Oracle’s licensing policies. Our mission: to transform the way customers approach software asset management and to inspire more strategic-level decision-making when defining and planning your future licensing needs. We help support and enhance the management capabilities you put in place to monitor, validate, and optimize your software estate.


"Working with Oracle License Management Services has provided the IT governance team with a wealth of information relating to Oracle products and significantly added value to our business."

- Jo Harris, IT Governance Manager, IT Shared Services, Britvic plc

Our Strategic Priority: Helping Customers Minimize Risk

As companies evolve the way they deploy and use enterprise technologies, software asset management becomes increasingly important.The growing popularity of cloud, virtualization, and outsourcing makes the challenge of maintaining an accurate view of the deployed license estate even more complex. Without an accurate and up-to-date view of actual license usage versus entitlement, customers can expose themselves to significant risk:

Without an accurate and up-to-date view of actual license usage versus entitlement, customers can expose themselves to significant risk:

  • Strategic risk—leading to a shortfall in capabilities and business performance
  • Investment risk—not realizing the full value of the contract
  • Financial risk—including unbudgeted liabilities and/or overspend
  • Operational risk—lack of control over IT asset allocation and availability
  • Legal risk—breach of contractual entitlements and corporate governance legislation

"Oracle License Management Services provided deep expertise and objective advice. We expanded our knowledge of Oracle licensing, optimized our Oracle investment, and ensured compliance, thereby, reducing legal and operational risks."

- Dr. Joerg Meyer, Executive Director IT Services Group Infrastructure, Aurubis AG

How We Can Help

Oracle LMS offers a range of customizable services that help customers and partners make more informed decisions for optimizing their current Oracle license estate—and identifying future requirements. Our services are delivered free of charge and independent of any on-going commercial discussions.

Engaging with Oracle LMS

Customers and partners can engage with Oracle LMS at any time before or after signing their license contract. We can help you to:

  • Understand the best way to structure your licensing to meet business objectives
  • Obtain a detailed understanding of your Oracle environment and investment
  • Ensure asset management best practices are implemented
  • Identify spare capacity and optimize the use of your Oracle investment
  • Quantify and resolve the financial risk of noncompliance
  • Ensure informed decision-making regarding future IT developments
  • Provide for accurate budgeting and reporting

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