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Sophisticated Lead Management with Ease

Oracle Eloqua’s marketing automation approach to lead scoring and management provides marketers with the strongest platform of tools to capitalize on a buyer’s true intent while effectively driving revenue. With goals to increase speed-to-lead and drive the highest lead yield quality, marketers can ensure they deliver the highest volume of quality leads into the hands of sales.

Lead Scoring Model Tools to Drive High Lead Quality

    • Digital Body Language: Internal data, external data, campaign and profile.
    • Ecosystem: 500 partners representing over 700 integrations give marketers superior extensibility for endless creativity.
    • Simplicity: Pre-built integrations and automation empower marketers without heavy IT interference.
Oracle Eloqua Provides Comprehensive Data Set screenshot

Data Transformation Tools to Increase Speed-to-Lead

  • Drag and Drop Canvas: Simply create data transformation and normalization processes.
  • Listener Framework: Listen for changes on lead score models, forms and new contact creation to be significantly more responsive.
  • Native CRM Integrations: Improve ease of setup and maintenance for CRMs, drastically increasing speed-to-lead.
Oracle Eloqua Program Canvas screenshot

A Simple Interface to Manage and Nurture Leads

  • Multiple Lead Scoring Models: Run multiple lead scoring models concurrently on a contact to understand buyers’ true intent.
  • Account Based Lead Scoring Models: Utilize predictive analytics to score accounts based on actions and intent.
  • Profile and Engagement Data: Easily aggregate profile and behavioral data to build the most robust lead score.
Oracle Eloqua Lead Scoring screenshot

A Simple But Powerful Solution to Adapt Lead Scores and Accelerate Sales Cycles

Through Oracle Marketing Automation you don’t have to sacrifice sophistication for simplicity.

Leverage rich profile data throughout the sales cycle and aggregate profile data in one central, easily accessible location for marketing and sales.

Automatically scale your lead scoring as your business grows and ensure complete alignment with sales.

Run multiple lead scoring models on a single contact while building the most robust lead score.

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