JavaFX Community

JavaFX features a vibrant and passionate developer community. This enthusiasm can be found in the open source mailing list, the OTN forum discussions, or even the activity on the JIRA bug tracking system. Finally, there are those developers who come up with a number of utilities and tools.

Real World Use Cases

Learn about other developers and companies using JavaFX to develop real world applications.

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Community Support

The OTN JavaFX Forum is a great place to post, answer, and review issues related to JavaFX.

The Jira bug tracking system is the place where you want to report issues with JavaFX, or file a feature request. Instructions on how to submit bug reports or feature requests are available in the FAQ section. Responses from the JavaFX development team are provided on a best effort basis.

Third Party Tools and Utilities

The third party developer community has shown a strong interest in JavaFX, and a number of third party solutions are currently available or in development. These range from UI controls, to development frameworks and DSL extensions.

Open Source

Participate in the OpenJFX open source project! Participate in the discussions that are shaping upcoming features, contribute by submitting bug fixes until you become a full fledge committer.

Join the OpenJFX project!