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Lead Nurturing

Best Practices
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Building Brand Preference with Lead Nurturing
Lead nurturing focuses on educating qualified sales leads who are not yet ready to buy. The key to successful lead nurturing is to deliver content that’s valuable enough to keep your audience engaged. If you do it right, lead nurturing can help you build a strong brand and solution preference in your prospects long before they’re actively engaged in a buying process. Lead nurturing software allows you to track qualified sales leads and automate content delivery through various marketing channels.

As you launch a lead nurturing program, your three main goals should be to:
1. Maintain permission to stay in contact with the prospect. This is by far the most important goal of lead nurturing, because without it, you can’t achieve the other goals. If a prospect loses interest in your messages, they’ll disengage by unsubscribing, marking your messages as spam, or emotionally unsubscribing – reflexively ignoring or deleting your messages.
2. Establish key ideas, thoughts, or comparison points through education. A potential buyer who you’re nurturing may not enter a buying process for a long time. But during the lead nurturing phase, if you can educate prospects and guide their thinking to incorporate specific requirements and ways of thinking about the market, your company and solutions will be much better positioned in their minds when they do become buyers.
3. Watch for signs of progress through the buying cycle. While you nurture potential buyers, you can watch their Digital Body Language to help you understand where they are in their buying process. As they progress through the process, they’ll reach a point at which your lead scoring system tells you they're ready to engage with sales.
When Lead Nurturing Works
Lead nurturing is a powerful way to stay automatically engaged with future buyers. When you execute the process successfully, you can establish buyer preference for your solutions while at the same time gaining an understanding of buyer timing. But this will only be possible if your lead nurturing programs deliver content that’s of sufficient value and interest to prospects so they stay in touch and keep you top of mind.
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Lead Nurturing

With the vast majority of leads failing to convert to sales, companies can’t
afford to abandon prospects when they fail to become buyers. By nurturing these leads—providing them with the right information based on who and where they are in the buying process—Modern Marketers can directly improve sales success. By implementing a formal strategy for lead nurturing, instituting nurturing programs, and following the best practices outlined here, you can begin reaping the benefits of lead nurturing today. Based on the Grande Guide to Lead Nurturing.

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Lead Scoring

Lead scoring ranks one sales lead against another to align follow-up to inquiry and identify where a prospect 
is in the buying process. The process of defining lead scores improves alignment and collaboration between Marketing and Sales. With an objective definition of a quality lead, they use a common language about lead quality that’s passed to Sales. Lead scoring helps ensure that the best leads are followed up on immediately by prioritizing leads according to revenue potential and buyer readiness. Based on the Grande Guide to Lead Scoring.