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Vivo Migrates to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Major Brazilian telecommunications company moves to OCI to speed up new service offerings by 30 percent and reduce expenses by 25 percent

Austin, Texas—Mar 2, 2023

Vivo, the Brazilian branch of Telefónica, is migrating essential data and processes from its data center in Campinas, São Paulo to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) in order to reduce IT costs and accelerate new service offerings.

One of the main strengths of Vivo is its focus on constant innovation to bring quality products and services to customers across the country. Vivo uses technology to fulfill its mission of bringing people closer together and moving to the cloud is a key tenet of this objective. In 2021, to help with the company’s goals of reducing IT costs and accelerating product releases, Vivo decided to migrate all of the data and processes for product testing and development hosted in its data center in Campinas, São Paulo to the cloud. Vivo conducted a thorough analysis and chose OCI as the best cloud provider due to its ability to help meet customer demand and reduce IT costs without operational risks.

“Moving to the cloud provides us with the agility we need to accelerate our business and helps improve our services to respond to market and customer needs faster than was previously possible,” said Denise Inaba, CIO, Vivo.

Currently more than 90 percent of the data from the Campinas data center has been transferred to OCI to support Vivo’s mission-critical applications. A key part of Vivo’s decision to select OCI was its compatibility with VMware through the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS), which simplifies IT infrastructure by running telco applications in virtualized environments. This interoperability allows the Vivo IT team to maintain complete control over the OCI environment and the virtual machines (VMs) it hosts using VMware. Most of Vivo’s technology environment is virtualized, with more than a quarter of its VMs running on OCI.

Decommissioning the datacenter will reduce Vivo’s operational expenses by approximately 18 to 25 percent due to the elimination of physical assets, such as equipment and real estate. Besides cost reduction, this migration will allow Vivo to speed up the availability of innovative service offerings for its 112 million customers by 30 percent or more. Additionally, Vivo will be able to improve its environmental impact because the workloads hosted in OCI’s public cloud are run out of the Oracle Cloud São Paulo Region, which is powered by 100 percent renewable energy. As a result, Oracle and Vivo are demonstrating a commitment to helping the environment by helping to reduce Vivo’s carbon footprint.

“The telecommunications industry is incredibly competitive and to be successful organizations need every operational advantage they can find. By moving its operations to the cloud, Vivo is showing a forward thinking strategy that will help it meet the demands and expectations of its customers faster and more efficiently,” said Moises Medeiros, vice president, Communications and Media, Oracle Brazil. “With our local cloud regions in Brazil, we are giving Vivo the support it needs to innovate quickly by helping ensure it has the computing resources needed for product development close at hand while still benefiting from using a public cloud.”

Vivo selected Oracle in May 2021.


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