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Exceed Sales Targets with Connected Planning and Performance Management

Master your sales planning process by ditching the spreadsheets and using connected data across finance, sales, partner, and service operations. Drive revenue optimization with Oracle’s advanced incentive compensation, quota, and territory management tools that help sales managers and sales operations staff align individual sales rep goals with the overall sales strategy.

Drive Successful Sales Behaviors

Drive Successful Sales Behaviors

Embedded incentive compensation capabilities enable you to model, roll out, and manage compensation plans efficiently, reducing operational costs while optimizing for increased revenue. Compensation dashboards show reps how they are performing, while managers gain visibility into their team’s performance against goals.

Optimize Coverage

Optimize Coverage

With territory management capabilities, organizations can build out complex sales territories based on geography, business units, product lines, industries, named accounts, and other factors. Powerful what-if capabilities enable you to model regions for the best results.

Align Goals to Strategy

Align Goals to Strategy

Provide sales reps with right-sized quotas that align with company objectives as well as individual goals and performance criteria. Use advanced planning methodologies to calculate sales objectives based on current territory potential or past performance.

Plan with Insight, Not Intuition

Plan with Insight, Not Intuition

Roll out optimized sales plans on day one. Best-practice planning methodologies are powered by artificial intelligence using historical actuals and other connected data. Drive sales success with planning decisions based on data and real-time market insights.

Explore Innovative, Proven Sales Tools

Sales Planning and Performance Management

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Advanced Sales Planning

Evolve your sales planning process beyond spreadsheets to a fast, agile, data-driven process using best-practice planning methodologies and connected finance and sales data. From quota planning to sales forecasting, this predictive and intelligent planning solution improves sales execution and operational efficiency.

Advanced Quota Planning

Advanced quota planning enables your teams to set and analyze data-driven, intelligent quotas using best practice methodologies. All key participants engage in the sales planning process including sales operations, sales management, and sales reps.

Incentive Compensation

Oracle Incentive Compensation empowers organizations to streamline the rollout of new plan initiatives. Sales managers can leverage powerful, what-if modeling to analyze compensation plan scenarios, while reps can model compensation changes based on discounts, bundling, or other metrics.

Territory Management

Even the most complex sales organizations can easily manage territories with Oracle’s robust sales performance management solution. Territories are managed through hierarchies. Coverage can be flexibly defined using a set of criteria or explicit lists. Territory planning enables robust, what-if analysis to model the results of any change.

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