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Create Tomorrow’s CX Today

Leverage the built-in advanced technologies in Oracle’s suite of connected products. Understand your audience and deliver connected customer experiences (CX) through coordinated intelligence and personalized interactions. Deliver a smarter CX, because good enough is no longer good enough.

A Smarter CX

Oracle Customer Experience Cloud

Oracle Sales Cloud
Oracle Service Cloud
Oracle Commerce Cloud
Oracle Loyalty Cloud
Oracle CPQ Cloud

Smarter Sales

Oracle Sales Cloud leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to drive a proactive, data-driven sales operation that maximizes sales, productivity, and conversions.


This leading sales force automation (SFA) solution delivers a much lower total cost of ownership (TCO) thanks to AI-powered:

  • Next-step recommendations
  • Smart call points
  • Predictive lead scoring
  • Opportunity guidance

Smarter Service

With Oracle Service Cloud, SMBs can support their customers through a variety of channels, including low-cost self-service channels and next-generation contact centers.


Complete customer service solution that leverages deep-learning technologies to support:

  • Proactive engagement
  • Highly personalized self-service
  • Account health predictions for next-best service actions

Innovative Commerce

Increase conversion rate, reduce overhead, and boost customer lifetime value (CLV) with Oracle Commerce Cloud. Smarter digital commerce awaits you.

In the Spotlight

Review the newest Oracle Commerce Cloud articles, papers, and reports.


Extensible SaaS platform that enables differentiated commerce experiences (for both B2B and B2C companies) through:

  • Highly personalized product recommendations
  • Targeted, “smarter” product promotions
  • Intelligent onsite search experiences

More Loyal Customers

Leverage the value of loyalty. Record, recognize, and reward desired customer behavior with Oracle Loyalty Cloud. Turn high-cost new customers into profitable brand loyalists.

In the Spotlight

Review the newest Oracle Loyalty Cloud articles, papers, and reports.


Connected, easy-to-use loyalty platform that improves share-of-wallet and profitability.

  • See 360-degree member profile
  • Match the right customer to the right loyalty program
  • Unify experiences across entire business

Maximize Profitability

Accelerate sales and profitability by winning more deals through optimizing the configuration, quoting, and pricing (CPQ) process for your complex products and services.


Manage the ever-increasing complexities and demands on your growing business through:

  • Tailored product offerings with consolidated, automatic, real-time configuration rules
  • Better pricing discipline and margin management
  • Enhanced sales process visibility
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