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Enable Accurate, Data-Driven Pricing

Critical pricing decisions are made every day that affect the ultimate profitability of an enterprise. Oracle’s Siebel Pricing Analytics enables users to make insight-driven pricing decisions, measure pricing effectiveness, and take improvement actions, informed by consistent data and the right business context.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Gain insight into product demand, customer price sensitivity, and overall pricing effectiveness
  • Analyze the impact of pricing on product velocity, margins, promotions, and product profitability across channels
  • Understand the bottom-line impact of all discounts, services, incentives, rebates, and marketing programs
  • Monitor and measure the effectiveness of given price profiles and price segments
  • Monitor corporate and regional prices and policies as they are executed in the field
  • Determine hidden contributors to price variance and find natural clusters of willingness-to-buy and cost-to-serve behavior
  • Improve pricing insights with data mining and statistics

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