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Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse

Built on Oracle Analytics Cloud and powered by Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse provides customers with out-of-the-box application integration and best practice key performance indicators (KPIs) to drive actionable insights using advanced analytics. Real-time access to unified company data maximizes the value of your Oracle Cloud application data and drives informed decisions.

See the demo videos of Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics and Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics.

Explore Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse

Oracle Fusion Analytics features

Prebuilt best practice KPI library

Leverage deep metrics: Extend your insights from your Oracle Cloud Applications data with a comprehensive library of best practice, prebuilt KPI metrics. These proven strategic, operational, and process metrics enable you to track and analyze metrics, as well as define additional metrics based on specific departmental needs.

Enhance collaboration: Collaborate with others and establish benchmarks against targets for a consistent organizational view and a single source of truth. Work with data from Oracle Cloud and other sources, then share dashboards and reports throughout the organization without getting slowed down by time-consuming export/import processes.

Extensible analytics application architecture

Personalize analytics: Extend personalized executive dashboards with new data and eye-catching visualizations. Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse can be further extended to transform visuals to a text narrative, opening the door to easier reporting and presentations.

Extend models and content: Extend models and content with data from other sources to your team, without worrying about upgrades. This frees customers from being dependent on IT, speeding up data preparation, reports, and dashboards.

Prebuilt analytic data models

Accelerate deployment using prebuilt models: Oracle packages prebuilt models that go deep by topic area, delivering instant value. These out-of-the-box models give customers instant access to data by specific departments, saving the time and effort to get staff up and running quickly.

Meet a variety of departmental needs: For finance and human resources users of Oracle Cloud Applications, prebuilt models provide a comprehensive view across the organization. Upcoming releases will feature prebuilt models for customer experience and supply chain management, further expanding the capabilities of Oracle Fusion Analytics.


Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics features

Self-service data discovery

View powerful visualizations: Generate easy-to-use visualizations from enterprise, departmental, and spreadsheets thanks to drag-and-drop data discovery and one-touch visualizations.

Promote fast collaboration of data and results: Share sophisticated analytics across your finance department. Built-in collaboration ensures cross-functional alignment and improved decision making.

General ledger

Gain increased insights into the balance sheet: Advanced analytics features connected to a unified source of data ensure greater insights into your balance sheet.

Maximize profitability: With augmented analytics, get a true look at profitability and ways to maximize potential. Understand what is driving revenue, cost, and profitability.

Accounts payable

Analyze account payments: Analyze accounts due and overdue in accounts payable for better payment and cash flow planning.

Understand accounts payable variances: Calculate accounts payable turnover rate and average supplier payment days to see underlying payment variables.

Accounts receivable

Minimize turnover: Track outstanding and overdue accounts receivable to improve collections processes.

Get a deeper look at payment behavior: Track overall collections success and identify AR turnover rate and average accounts receivable on-time calculations.


Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics features

Self-service data discovery

Uncover the data with powerful visualizations: Generate easy-to-use visualizations from enterprise, departmental, and spreadsheets thanks to drag-and-drop data discovery and one-touch visualizations.

Leverage fast collaboration of data and results: Share sophisticated analytics across your HR department. Built-in collaboration ensures cross-functional alignment and improved decision making.

A comprehensive workforce snapshot

Gain enterprise-wide workforce insights: With Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics, HR departments get a comprehensive view of the numbers behind the workforce. Prebuilt models for new hires, terminated employees, promotion events, and complete headcount combine with deeper insights to create both historical and predictive analysis.

Turnover and retention analysis

Get insights into employee churn: Who is leaving the organization and why? Get an in-depth look at terminations, including special reports for voluntary terminations, new hire terminations, and general turnover ratios. When coupled with retention models, organizations get a complete view of the workforce.

Workforce demographic breakdowns

Understand who makes up your workforce: In-depth workforce demographic reports provide your organization's HR department with a complete view of who comprises your staff. Prebuilt models allow for one-touch analysis of workforce by age, nationality, ethnicity, and gender. This can be cross-referenced with other factors, such as promotions, new hires, and pay, to look for hiring trends and ways to build a diverse workforce.


Analytics Warehouse benefits

  • Seamlessly integrate with Oracle Cloud Applications

    Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse leverages existing Oracle Cloud data to help you make smarter decisions. With prebuilt dashboards and mobile access, it extends the value of Oracle Cloud applications for Finance and HR.

  • Gain a unified view of business performance

    Collaborate across work groups, align departments, and analyze all data, including external data, to gain a unified view of business performance. Start with Oracle Cloud data, then bring in external sources to go from “what is happening” to “why is this happening.”

  • Accelerate organizational decisions

    Accelerate end-to-end processes with shortened deployment time and self-service data discovery and analytics. By empowering business users, reports and visualizations are quickly generated with just a few clicks.


Cloud readiness

Latest Updates

What’s planned for Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse? See the list of upcoming features.

Additional information


Oracle Fusion Analytics documentation

Analytics empowers business analysts and consumers with modern, AI-powered, self-service analytic capabilities for data preparation, visualization, enterprise reporting, augmented analysis, and natural language processing.

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