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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect

Oracle FastConnect is a network connectivity alternative to using the public internet for connecting your network with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and other Oracle Cloud services. FastConnect provides an easy, elastic, and economical way to create a dedicated and private connection with higher bandwidth options, and a more reliable and consistent networking experience when compared to internet-based connections.

Reliable Cloud Connection

Run your applications in the cloud reliably using a dedicated and pre-established path to Oracle Cloud, backed by our SLA.

High Scale Workload Support

Enable performance-sensitive and high throughput applications in the cloud with more consistent network performance and low latency.

Private Connectivity

Improve privacy because data traffic flows strictly over trusted endpoints.

Product Features

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Predictable and Economical

  • Low pricing and no inbound or outbound bandwidth charges means your entire enterprise can leverage FastConnect.

Scalable Access

    Rapid Service Provisioning

  • FastConnect virtual circuits can be provisioned in just minutes via console or API.
  • Range of Port Speeds

  • Easily scale up and down in increments of 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps-ports, based on your business needs and data transfer profile for your usage.
  • Standard Layer 3 Routing

  • No data transfer charge ensures low, predictable costs.
  • Reliable

  • Leverage industry-standard BGP routing to manage the exchange of routes between Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and your networks.



  • No data transfer charge ensures low, predictable costs.
  • Production-Grade

  • Provides the building blocks to easily create redundant connections required for critical applications and workloads.
  • Single Connection - Multiple Services

  • Access all of the supported Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services within the same region with a single FastConnect virtual circuit connection.
  • Deterministic Network Path

  • FastConnect provides a predetermined, trusted path for data movement unlike the public internet.

Oracle FastConnect Cloud Pricing


Product Pay as You Go (Port Hour) Includes
FastConnect 1 Gbps No separate charges for inbound or outbound data transfer
FastConnect 10 Gbps No separate charges for inbound or outbound data transfer

Note: Pricing shown does not include fees the Network Provider or Datacenter Provider may charge for connectivity. For more details please refer to the "Billing and Pricing" section of the FastConnect FAQ.