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VPN Connect

VPN Connect offers a simple and secure way to connect your corporate network to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure over your existing internet connection. The data is encrypted using industry-standard encryption algorithms called IPSec, and is then tunneled through the public internet for enhanced security and privacy.

On-Premises Network to Oracle Cloud

Connect your enterprise campus, branch networks, and data centers to the Oracle Cloud.

Secure Connectivity

Data is encrypted in virtual private network (VPN) tunnels.

Quick Setup

No provider negotiations or new circuits required. Use your existing internet connection.

Product Features

  • Site-to-site VPN
  • High Availability (HA) support
  • Industry-standard security protocols: IPSec and IKEv1 supported now and IKEv2 available soon
  • Easy setup in the Oracle Console, using VPN Quickstart Workflow
  • Both static and dynamic routing (BGP over IPSec connections)
  • Granular monitoring and metrics with Monitoring Service integration
  • Both policy-based and route-based IPSec configuration

Use Cases

Securely connect to Oracle Cloud

Securely connect your existing infrastructure to the cloud by using industry-standard encryption algorithms. IKEv1 is supported today, and IKEv2 will be available soon.

Connect multiple locations to the cloud

Connect your headquarters, branch locations, and private data centers to the Oracle Cloud so all of your offices can access applications.

Connect to other public clouds

Securely connect to workloads in other cloud service providers.

Build redundant connectivity for Oracle FastConnect

Already have Oracle FastConnect? VPN Connect can provide a redundant connection to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Use for a proof-of-concept (POC)

No contracts or commitment. Build as many VPN tunnels to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as you want and keep them active as long as you want.

Oracle Networking Cloud Pricing

Product Pay as You Go (OCPU Per Hour)
Outbound Data Transfer - First 10 TB / Month Free
Outbound Data Transfer - Over 10 TB / Month
Inbound Data Transfer Free

Note: VPN Connect is a free, no port hour charges. Data transfer cost covered under networking cloud pricing.