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Oracle and Siebel
Oracle and Portal Software

What Partners Are Saying


"Oracle's acquisition of Siebel will further extend its ability to offer world class Customer Relationship Management solutions. Accenture is the leader in delivering CRM solutions, focused on helping organizations achieve high performance. Together, we help our clients who choose Oracle increase productivity and improve the customer experience, while at the same time lowering the total cost of ownership. We are very excited about the future possibilities."
   —Jim Hayes, Global Managing Director of Accenture's Oracle Practice, Accenture

"Genesys applauds Oracle's acquisition of Siebel. Genesys has had a long and rich partnership with both Oracle and Siebel, providing enterprises with the industry's most complete solutions for managing customer interactions across sales and support units. We look forward to working with Oracle to accelerate business innovation for our joint customers."
   —Karl Holzthum, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Channels & Alliances, Genesys

"Microsoft is pleased that Oracle will continue to fully support Siebel customers who choose to run on the Microsoft platform and database. Through collaboration with Oracle, we are working together to ensure interoperability for our common customers."
   —Dan'l Lewin, Vice President, .NET Business Development, Microsoft

"As key members of the EDS Agility Alliance, we're confident that the Oracle and Siebel union will deliver extraordinary innovation and value to EDS and its clients."
   —Michael H. Jordan, Chairman and CEO, EDS

"BearingPoint congratulates Oracle on their continued steps to deepen and broaden their enterprise software capabilities and further their industry focus through the acquisition of Siebel Systems. We believe the combination of Oracle and Siebel and their new plans for CRM fusion will further enhance our ability to better serve our mutual clients."
  —Gail P. Steinel, Executive Vice President, Global Commercial Services Industry, BearingPoint, Inc.

"HP has long been a strategic partner of both Oracle and Siebel. As a result of the combination of Oracle and Siebel, our joint HP and Oracle customers are positioned to benefit from the array of solutions and services."
   —Ron Eller, Vice President and General Manager Enterprise Solution Alliances, HP

"Oracle's recent acquisitions have helped it build a best-of-breed application suite. The proposed Siebel acquisition will extend a proven best-of-breed CRM solution, which is a market leader. Having worked on multiple global engagements on Oracle, PeopleSoft, Siebel, and other applications in the Enterprise space, Infosys is well positioned to help clients chart out a clear map based on their particular situation. Infosys would leverage its partnership with Oracle, its deep domain expertise, and its Global Delivery Model to ensure that clients have a more competitive CRM solution with a lower cost of ownership."
  —Kakal Chandrashekhar, Global Head, Enterprise Solutions, Infosys

"Hitachi Consulting welcomes the Oracle - Siebel combination. As early national partners for both companies, our clients have enjoyed the benefits of solutions built on Oracle and Siebel technology products for many years. This acquisition will allow us to bring even stronger solutions to our clients as well as sharpen our focus within the marketplace."
   —Michael Travis, President and COO, Hitachi Consulting

"Companies seeking a leading edge CRM solution have for years been faced with a 'best of breed' choice versus an 'enterprise suite' choice.  Oracle's acquisition of Siebel allows companies to get the best of both worlds. This is good news for the marketplace and good news for consulting firms like Hitachi Consulting."
  —Brian Johnson, Managing Vice President, Customer & Channel Solutions, Hitachi Consulting

"We see nothing but upside with the combination of Oracle and Siebel. This will result in best-in-class product capabilities backed by the resources of a bigger company. As one of the largest customers of Siebel, and a strong partner of both Oracle and Siebel, we believe the combination will allow us to provide greater value to our business, our customers, and the industry."
   —Barbara Schaedler, Vice President Corporate Marketing, Fujitsu Siemens Computers

"Unisys is an enterprise class client of Oracle's ERP software, as well as a large user of PeopleSoft HR and Siebel CRM applications.  We believe the acquisition of Siebel is an important move for Oracle and for the industry, and one that will help us provide seamless integration of our systems and applications to support our operations and clients around the world."
  —John Carrow, Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Worldwide Information Technology, Unisys

"Oracle's consolidation of the CRM space will better serve our customers, as well as Oracle's. As an established PeopleSoft CRM partner, Apex IT saw immediate benefits for our customers—and our business—as a result of the acquisition by Oracle. And, as a long-time implementer of Siebel CRM, we are excited about Siebel's vertical industry and CRM expertise being combined with the powerhouse Oracle suite of solutions."
   —Eric Steege, President & CEO, Apex IT

"We applaud the announcement of Oracle's agreement to acquire Siebel. We feel that it will only provide opportunity for our customers and for Apex IT. The consolidation of the CRM space by Oracle and our history as a Siebel implementer coupled with our position as an Oracle/PeopleSoft CRM partner means that the combination will provide Apex IT an opportunity to better serve our customers and Oracle's customers."
   —Eric Steege, President & CEO, Apex IT

"With the Siebel acquisition we continue to see great things happening at Oracle for business partners.  It is an exciting time to be working with Oracle as a partner."
  —Walt Zipperman, CEO, DAZ Systems, Inc.

"Oracle's acquisition of Siebel is nirvana for partners with both Oracle and Siebel competence. Those of us who have worked behind the scenes for years integrating these products can now come out of the closet and fully participate in the growing Oracle economy, creating whole business processes for the many customers who run combinations of Oracle and Siebel products."
   —Marc Hebert, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Alliances, Sierra Atlantic, Inc.

"As an Oracle implementation partner, Baytree is excited about the Siebel acquisition for several reasons. From a tactical perspective, Oracle's acquisition will provide better support and tighter integration available to our clients, while strategically, these two product lines will provide stronger and richer capabilities through a 'Fused' product suite via Oracle's Fusion efforts. We have looked at this acquisition from several perspectives and have yet to find the down side."
  —Hal Hawisher, Vice President of Sales and Alliances, Baytree

"As a partner of both Oracle and Siebel we are excited to see the combination of these two very impressive product sets. It adds significant new capability to both customers of Oracle and Siebel, and builds out the integrated business solution as part of the Fusion application initiative."
  —John Beaumont, Vice President of ERP Solutions, Cognizant Technology Solutions

"As CRM has become critically integrated into the management of many organizations, the folding of Siebel's CRM platform into Oracle's E-Business Suite will offer tremendous opportunities for our clients to better leverage their CRM investment with Oracle's order management and online selling capabilities while simultaneously reducing their infrastructure complexity."
  —Chip Nordstrom, Vice President of Sales, Dynamic Information Systems, LLC

"The combination of Oracle and Siebel will finally deliver the true promise of CRM and the customer centric enterprise."
  —Ben Pastro, ThoughtDigital

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