Oracle Data Protection and Recovery

Oracle Data Protection and Recovery

Will the Next Outage Make
or Break Your Career?

Learn about the shortcomings of traditional database backup schemes and how Oracle provides a best-of-breed solution.

Recovery is Everything

Enterprise applications work around the clock, yet the vital records they keep on Oracle Databases are sometimes backed up only once a day. This practice can result in data loss if there’s an outage, putting your business at risk. Who wants to explain to a customer, the head of finance or risk management, or a government regulator that you’ve lost data?

Oracle's Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance is the only backup and recovery system designed by Oracle's database engineers for the ultimate in Oracle Database protection. It delivers: 

  • Continuous protection of ongoing database transactions, eliminating data loss exposure
  • Confidence from validated backups and known recovery status
  • Recovery in a minimal amount of time, every time
  • Improved resource utilization and efficiency
  • Robust and automated multitier protection

Ultimately, it’s about getting your business back in business faster after a downtime incident or cyber-attack, and about driving efficiency and confidence in your protection environment in ways no other system can deliver.

And, not only does Oracle deliver better protection for the database, we deliver fast backup and recovery, along with the seamless benefits of cloud. All from one vendor.

Learn more about Oracle’s suite of coengineered data protection and recovery solutions below.

  • Generic data protection solutions fail to meet the demands of critical databases, treating them as files to copy rather than as transactional systems with specific data integrity, performance, and availability needs.
  • Oracle's Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance integrates advanced data protection with Oracle Database to address these challenges.
Big Data Bucket diagram
  • Growing amounts of data present organizations with the difficult task of providing fast, efficient backup and restore across the organization within ever more constrained backup windows.
  • Oracle ZFS Backup Appliance is a high-performance data protection solution that’s ideal as a backup system for all workloads.
Oracle ZFS Backup Appliance
  • Storing database backups offsite is critical for disaster-ready enterprises. Having data out of region adds a level of robustness to any disaster recovery strategy.
  • Oracle Database Backup Service complements your existing backup strategy with an on-demand, offsite storage location in the cloud.
Oracle Database Backup Service

Downtime and data loss impact your company’s bottom line, productivity, and reputation. Learn how to reduce the risks.

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Learn how a new approach to database recovery eliminates backup overhead and lets you recover mission-critical data to any point in time, every time.

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GE Shortens Backup and Ensures Recovery
GE Shortens Backup and Ensures Recovery

Renee Reed, US ERP Platform Leader at GE Aviation, describes how Oracle's Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance has reduced Oracle Database backup and ensured recovery, and how Oracle's software and engineered systems have improved overall performance.

AMMROC Ensures Zero Loss of Highly Classified Data
With Oracle's Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance, we eliminated data loss in the event of system failure. We have reduced our data recovery time 8x, and our Oracle Database backup time 32x, which enables us to provide maintenance, repair, and overhaul services to our customers without delays.
—Eyad Al-Sahli, Head of Information Technology Department, AMMROC
KEB Hana
KEB Hana Card Achieves Sub-Second Recovery Point Objectives
We selected Oracle's Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance over Data Domain because only Oracle could offer the incremental-forever backup feature, enabling us to virtually eliminate data loss exposure and ensure data security.
—Iljoon Lee, Senior Manager, IT team, KEB Hana Card Co., Ltd

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