Oracle Health CommunityWorks

Improve patient care, streamline clinical workflows, and enhance operational efficiency with a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) system that enables clinicians to share and access an integrated digital record of a patient’s health history across the care continuum. CommunityWorks bundles the essential solutions, services, and support that community, critical access, and specialty hospitals need to succeed.

We are excited to announce the full interoperability capabilities provided with Oracle Health Seamless Exchange is now available for CommunityWorks customers.

Build an integrated healthcare experience

Deliver high-quality care to every patient, every time, and provide your team with a comprehensive, integrated user experience through CommunityWorks’ combination of product solutions, services, and support. Our offering brings together core components that enable you to meet your business objectives.

Harness the power of integrated solutions

Our robust suite of integrated solutions is designed to help improve patient care, streamline clinical workflows, and enhance operational efficiency.

Clinical suite

  • Oracle Health EHR
  • Care coordination and communication
  • Chart review, charting, and documentation

Revenue cycle

  • Oracle Health Patient Accounting
  • Oracle Health Registration Management
  • Oracle Health Scheduling Management


  • Connect to CommonWell
  • Access the hub

Consumer experience

  • Oracle Health Patient Portal
  • Oracle Health Patient Electronic Signature

Comprehensive services

Leverage Oracle Health CommunityWorks’ comprehensive set of services to deliver an optimal user experience informed by industry best practices. Gain access to a dedicated implementation team that provides preconversion, go-live, and postconversion support, end user training and resources, tailored learning content, and cloud-based hosting.


  • A predictable, fixed-fee implementation performed by our healthcare consultants
  • Industry-proven best practices and workflows from Oracle Health’s model experience
  • Local configuration based on the unique characteristics of your facility

Hosting and upgrades

  • Cloud hosting to support systematic updates
  • Proactive technology maintenance engagement
  • Ongoing installation management
  • Technical support for hardware and infrastructure
  • Automatic upgrades of operating systems and database platforms

Application management

  • Experienced application expertise to ensure products run efficiently
  • Continual proactive, personalized support

Data migration

  • Data extraction and normalization from disparate systems
  • Healthcare data retention to maintain care continuity and support interoperability
  • Historical data archiving to meet regulatory requirements

Learning and coaching

  • An end-to-end contemporary learning strategy
  • Learning delivered via a web-based technology platform

Designed for community, critical access, and specialty hospitals

Community hospitals

We help support the clinical, financial, operational, and health equity needs of hospitals with fewer than 250 beds through an integrated EHR platform. Our model keeps up with the latest market and regulatory trends and helps bring healthcare innovation to your facility.

Critical access hospitals

We understand the financial realities of critical access hospitals and meet their clinical, financial, and operational needs with an integrated EHR platform built on one core EHR database.

Specialty hospitals

We support heart, rehab, and surgical hospitals with a cloud-based delivery model that helps specialty hospitals schedule procedures and manage pre-op, intra-op, and post-op care using one core database.

Customer successes with Oracle Health CommunityWorks

Helping you enhance clinical and financial outcomes to benefit your community.

Key benefits of Oracle Health CommunityWorks

  • Integration across the continuum

    Share data with and access data from multiple facilities across the care continuum, regardless of their EHR vendor.

  • An integrated patient record

    Gain access to one integrated digital patient record that includes their health history and clinical and financial data.

  • Reduced spending

    Keep your costs under control—leverage our fixed-fee implementation, which includes upgrades and enhancements.

  • A holistic solution for your business challenges

    Connect systems of engagement, record, and insight to solve challenges and create efficiencies with widespread impact.

Oracle Health CommunityWorks FAQs

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    • Does CommunityWorks use the same EHR technology as large health systems?

      Yes. The CommunityWorks model delivers the same EHR platform used by Oracle Health’s other industry-leading customers, such as Banner Health, Emory Healthcare, and Intermountain Healthcare.

    • How is the CommunityWorks model different from what Oracle Health offers large hospitals and health systems?

      Leveraging Oracle Health EHR, we provide the best solutions and services at a fixed fee to small health system customers, and that begins when their contract is executed. This approach provides scalability to both the smallest critical access hospitals and to multifacility community health systems.

      CommunityWorks is delivered with best practice content that allows standardization and built-in governance. This approach helps organizations stay current with the latest innovations that Oracle Health develops.

    • Is my organization’s data secure and private?

      All customer data remains secure and private and is not accessible by any other entity.

    • How long has Oracle Health specialized in smaller health systems?

      Since 2009, Oracle Health has served community, critical access, and specialty hospitals as a trusted advisor and source of innovation. With more than 300 CommunityWorks clients, we have seen exponential success in this market. Additionally, we have added more hospitals with fewer than 200 beds than any other healthcare IT supplier in each of the last four years (KLAS report: “US Hospital Market Share 2022”).

    • How affordable is CommunityWorks?

      CommunityWorks offers a predictable, fixed-fee implementation that includes updates and enhancements to help limit the financial strain on organizations. Our customers can feel confident that their costs won’t creep out of control.

    • Will my organization be able to remain independent with CommunityWorks?

      Oracle Health does not require small hospitals to become affiliated with larger health systems to receive services through the CommunityWorks model. Each organization has an independent, direct relationship with Oracle Health.

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