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Oracle Analytics Cloud

Empower leaders, analysts, and IT to access data from wherever they are, including mobile devices. Oracle Analytics Cloud is embedded with machine learning, which helps organizations to discover unique insights faster with automation and intelligence.

Oracle Analytics Cloud features

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“The capabilities of Oracle Analytics Cloud are wonderful.”
—Risk Management Officer, Finance industry

Build compelling visual stories

Harness the power of augmented analytics to instantly visualize your data, jump-starting your analytics process. Natural language processing (NLP) powers text and speech for conversational search and analysis; simply ask a question and get a visual answer. With automated chart and graph recommendations using machine learning, anyone can quickly build compelling, visual stories that best represent the data.

Accelerate the decision-making process

Leverage built-in machine learning to automatically explain your data, creating an easier path to starting your analysis, handling predictive analytics, and building compelling visual data stories. From start to finish, Oracle Analytics Cloud streamlines data discovery and self-service analytics while maximizing both efficiency and accuracy. Everyone across the organization benefits—including business users, decision makers, and your IT partners.

Enrich and augment data for analysis

Enrich your datasets with automated machine learning recommendations to include time variations, population, geography, and more. The longer you use Oracle Analytics Cloud, the more it understands the way you interact with data, allowing machine learning to augment your data and suggest smart enrichment options before you even start.

Instantly understand your data

Natural language generation automatically creates smart textual descriptions of visualizations that can interact with other data and instantly filter—saving hours of time describing chart insights. With just a few clicks, significant time and effort for reports and presentations can be saved, freeing up users to focus on more intensive tasks and responsibilities.

Fast, one click advanced analytics

Embedded machine learning predicts results and forecasts quickly, in one click, with zero coding required. With an intuitive user interface, obtaining these types of data-driven, predictive insights is mere clicks away—all powered by smart data preparation and discovery.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your business

Stay connected with automated insights and ongoing monitoring of business activities from anywhere at any time. Receive intelligent recommendations as it learns each person’s own patterns and data interests. Use natural language to query data in 28 languages. Receive alerts in real time when new data or reports become available, numbers hit a threshold, or based on personal GPS location.

Collaborate with teams

Share results and reports easily across the entire organization to create a truly collaborative process. Harness everyone’s collective wisdom to drive insights that lead to quick action and the best possible outcomes.

Publish reports

Easily produce and schedule reports for your teams, staff, and customers. With reports and presentations automatically generated from visualizations, users save time and effort to publish reports in a timely and easily shareable manner.

Include analytics content anywhere

Leverage powerful APIs to authenticate and add your analytics to your daily work. With Oracle Analytics Cloud, you can embed analysis within another application, publish content within a webpage, or enable interactions from a chatbot. Embedded analytics enable you to put your data at the optimal point of impact.

Oracle Analytics Cloud customer successes

Oracle Analytics Cloud delivers powerful insights driven by machine learning for customers around the globe. Discover who uses Oracle Analytics Cloud and how their business has changed thanks to Oracle’s technology.

Western Alliance

Oracle Analytics Cloud enabled Skanska to quickly meet compliance requirements and mitigate overall business risk.

Oracle Analytics Cloud features and benefits

  • Access and analyze all data

    Oracle Analytics streamlines data access and preparation from all data sources across the business. By analyzing all this data, you gain impactful insights to make informed, data-driven decisions.

  • Improve productivity

    Built-in capabilities, such as self-service data visualization, enterprise reporting, and mobile analytics, improve productivity and business agility. Oracle Analytics includes these capabilities and more, all in one software tool that delivers a comprehensive, unified analytics process.

  • Faster time to insights

    Augmented analytics includes embedded machine learning to accelerate data analysis and report creation. With Oracle Analytics, you can quickly forecast and predict, resulting in more impactful insights.

  • Accuracy and trust

    Create a unified view of data, metrics, and insights across the business. With Oracle Analytics, you achieve consistent and accurate reporting to drive more confident decisions.


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