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Mobile Marketing is Here to Stay
Like Digital, Mobile Marketing is an absolute must to survive in the marketing space. Why? Because essentially the entire world has gone mobile. The rate of new mobile phone users—and in particular—smartphone users is unprecedented.
Consumers of all shapes and sizes, be they B2C or B2B, are never far from their mobile device. From smartphones to tablets to phablets (half phone/half tablet) to all the yet-to-be-developed mobile devices that are surely forthcoming—ours is a mobile world and we are doing more and more on our mobile devices.
Marketers need to be where their customers are, right? So why would this be any different?
From Accommodate to Integrate
When mobile marketing first came into vogue, the inherent need was to at the very least provide users with a mobile optimized version of your website. Essentially allowing them to experience your website in a mobile environment—only on smaller screens.
But that was then and this is now. Needs go way above and beyond a mobile optimized website. For today marketers need to concern themselves with a whole host of things as they relate to mobile marketing.
At or near the top of the list is integration. Are the marketing messages you’re delivering fully integrated across all channels including mobile? Then there are things such text/SMS, mobile applications, QR codes, deep linking, and so on.
There must be a financial commitment to mobile marketing, too. Marketers need to allocate funds to ensure Mobile Marketing gets the respect it deserves, just as is the case with digital marketing.

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