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Multivariate Testing

Best Practices
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A/B or Multivariate Testing?

Where AB or A/B Testing will test different content for one visual element on a page, multivariate testing will test different content for many elements across one or more pages to identify the combination of changes that yields the highest conversion rate. Multivariate testing, or multi-variable testing, applies a statistical model to test combinations of changes that result in an overall winning experience and website optimization.
Wide Range of Elements
Multivariate tests are performed for a range of website changes, including all parts of an offer—such as images, text, color, fonts, links, and buttons—along with content and layout for landing pages or elements of website test processes such as a complete checkout process. It is not uncommon for a multivariate test to exceed 50 or more combinations for site optimization.
From Hypothesis to Results
Multivariate testing starts with a hypothesis of content changes that could impact your conversion rates. With multivariate testing these content changes can be broken up into multiple individual elements to determine combinations that yield the highest conversion rates. Whether there are slight changes or significant changes to the user experience, either may impact the overall results for your brand.
Conversion Rates
A conversion rate is the rate at which visitors perform a desired action for the test, such as the visitor clicking on an offer or adding products to their cart. Additional metrics are used to evaluate the test, such as revenue per order. Reports tell you which combination of changes yielded the best website test results based upon the conversion rate or uplift in the metrics defined.
Continuous Optimization
Since you can define a business goal for a test where the test determines the best experience for visitors to achieve your goal, consider the option to let the software optimize experiences automatically for a test.
Visitor Segmentation and Segment Clustering
One experience may not be right for all visitors. An important aspect of multivariate testing is to identify visitor segments and their performance with different experiences. For example, you may determine that new visitors prefer a different experience than repeat visitors which garners better overall results. More sophisticated systems will also suggest visitor segmentation automatically to reduce the time needed to analyze test results against hundreds of visitor attributes.
Targeting different experiences for different visitor segments will substantially increase your conversion rates. Target them based on a wealth of visitor attributes—from environmental attributes through behaviors—and include customer attributes from other systems such as CRM systems.
Learn more by exploring our related products, reading the guides, or contacting our testing experts to get started.
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