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Website Testing

Best Practices
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Beyond Counting Clicks

Many website testing and performance tools simply count clicks, page views, and downloads. They call it website testing and analytics. But download and click-through figures are meaningless if usability issues are preventing conversions. Modern Marketers are using advanced tools that provide comprehensive online testing across websites, mobile sites, and apps to optimize the cross channel customer experience while delivering website optimization, personalization, and customer insights.
Going Mobile
Mobile is the fastest growing experience of choice for the modern consumer around the world. You need to provide an excellent mobile experience that’s fast, responsive, and easy to use. That’s what you want to deliver. But how do you know? Optimizing your mobile channels is all about finding the best customer experience and ensuring your marketing budget results in the best ROI through increased conversions, revenue and engagement. Success means additional revenue streams, new customer acquisition, and increased loyalty. Here is what you need to do:
  • Test personalized experiences on mobile sites to achieve cross channel optimization.
  • Create a consistent cross channel experience across all your digital channels.
  • Accelerate campaign deployment with minimal IT resources.
  • Align mobile strategy with business objectives using accurate campaign insights.
Checking Out Your Apps
In a world of mobile devices and increasingly sophisticated online services, the creation of an excellent customer experience requires a different approach, above and beyond the active management of website conversion rates. Yet while many companies have begun to understand the importance of combining business strategy with online optimization, there is a tendency to sideline or silo the app. While a growing majority of organizations have developed an app, few have any real understanding of the app experience or the impact of that experience on business direction. Given the strategic imperative, many organizations cannot gain the essential customer insight required from basic metrics such as app downloads—they need to understand the actual customer experience.
Online Testing Platforms
Why do online testing? The goal is optimizing your digital customer experience. Methods include  A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing, and the tool of choice is the online testing platform. But as opposed to people, not all are created equal. Here is what Forrester had to say:
“At the heart of the continuous optimization vision is the desire to refine digital experience wherever and whenever customers interact. And today’s customers interact digitally throughout the life cycle. To support continuous optimization, online testing practices need to scale across the enterprise, supporting use cases and processes that coordinate multiple stakeholders, multiple types of digital touch points, complex testing, and high test volumes.”
—The Forrester Wave™: Online Testing Platforms, Q3 2015 
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Customer Insights

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