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Data Visualization
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Data Preparation
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Business Scenario Modeling
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Enterprise Reporting

See the Signals

Breathe new life into your data with stunning visualizations that help you easily spot trends, patterns, and correlations.

In the Spotlight

Drag and drop, point and click—it’s easy to create a visualization from any data source.


Automate the key ingredients:

  • Machine-generated visuals
  • Auto-suggested data preparation and enrichment
  • One-click predictive analytics

No Coding Required

Visually blend, cleanse, and transform raw data to prepare for self-service analysis.

In the Spotlight

Blend any data type from more than 60 different multistructured data sources.


Automate the key ingredients:

  • Machine-learning–driven enrichment
  • Instant preview of transforms
  • Identification of trends and anomalies for further investigation

Business-Centric Modeling

From casual to power users, anyone can go from complex financial modeling to creating easy-to-understand visualizations.

In the Spotlight

Design, manage, and scale to drive better business decisions.


Automate the key ingredients:

  • One-click creation of multidimensional models from MS Excel
  • “What if” scenario modeling to test assumptions
  • Collate and manage data inputs

Proactive and Personal

Never a dull moment. With continuous updates to your mobile smart feed, you can stay up to date on your business.

In the Spotlight

Drag and drop, point and click—it's easy to create a visualization from any data source.


Automate the key ingredients:

  • Leverage smart feeds that understand where you are and what information you need
  • Search with voice commands
  • Automatic alerts when new reports are available

Enterprise Reporting

With interactive report creation, quickly see unified metrics across the business, with both security and governance.

In the Spotlight

  • Business representation of corporate data or semantic layer
  • Scheduled Delivery for analytics and reports


Custom Report Development:

  • Simplified, custom report creation with role based security
  • Scheduled high quality pixel perfect reports in mass production
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Curious to see if it’s really as easy as it sounds? Give it a try. See how—within minutes—you can create compelling and informative visualizations that help bring clarity to complex business data.

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Lines of Business

Go All In with Marketing Analytics

Which customers are more likely to respond to an email blast? What was our return on investment based on the latest campaign costs? More and more HR leaders are trying to better understand how their programs affect the business at large. With machine learning powering their analyses, they can be confident in their business decisions.

Find and Share Talent Insights

Who is most likely to leave my organization for a competitor? More and more HR leaders are trying to better understand how their programs effect the business at large. With the right analytical capabilities, HR leaders are able to quantify and predict outcomes, more than even before.

Enable the Business

Give the business the analytic tools it needs through automated provisioning and lifecycle management that include high availability, improved security, elastic scalability, and reduced operations costs.

Forward-Looking, Predictive Insights

The analysis and advice that executives need to boost profitability and drive growth.

Business Analytics Successes

Business Analytics Customer Stories

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Valdosta State University Raises Retention with Oracle Analytics


Valdosta State University

Valdosta State University has increased graduation rates by leveraging the agility and flexibility of Oracle Analytics. Hear how a data-driven environment enables them to proactively support students.

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Booz Allen Hamilton Reduces Costs with Oracle Analytics


Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen Hamilton improves government systems by creating efficiencies and delivering timely, consistent data for better business analysis.

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Qualogy Leverages Data Storytelling with Oracle Analytics



Hear how visual analytics is the key that help Qualogy deliver value to its customers.

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Boise State University Uses Oracle Analytics for Student Success


Boise State University

Boise State University is using Oracle Analytics for insights to help guide students on their path toward graduation.