Oracle Auto Service Request (ASR)

Get Ahead. Stay Ahead.


Oracle Auto Service Request—included with Oracle Premier Support—is the fastest route to restoring system availability if a hardware fault occurs. Take advantage of a secure, expedited diagnostic process with automatic service request generation, priority service request handling, and automatic parts dispatch—at no extra cost.

  • Enhanced support provided by Oracle at no additional cost—Oracle Auto Service Request is secure and customer-installable, and the software and documentation are available online.
  • Expedite the diagnostic process with automatic service request generation—When a hardware fault is detected, Oracle Auto Service Request opens a service request with Oracle automatically and transports electronic fault telemetry to help expedite the diagnostic process.
  • One of the best parts about the serviceability from Oracle Support is Oracle Auto Service Request. Auto Service Request has simplified and streamlined how we work in as much as we no longer have to self-diagnose. A lot of specific hardware faults are now diagnosed for us at a much deeper level than we can necessarily look at ourselves..

    - Jake Carroll, Information Technology Manager, The Queensland Brain Institute

  • Identify and resolve problems faster with priority service request handling—Rapid service request processing further improves speed to resolution with proven diagnostic capabilities that automatically analyze telemetry data for known issues and deliver immediate corrective actions—up to 25 percent faster resolution than specific hardware faults on non-connected systems.
  • Get replacement parts without delay with automated parts dispatch—Parts are dispatched upon diagnosis of issues within a service request, and, in many cases, Oracle engineers are working to resolve the issue before you are even aware the problem exists.
  • Keep information and systems secure with outbound telemetry data—Oracle Auto Service Request requires only an outbound, secure internet connection to Oracle (based on SSL and https). Oracle’s hardware products send fault telemetry locally to the Oracle Auto Service Request client and do not require Internet access. The software does not use any incoming internet connections, nor does it include any remote access mechanisms. The electronic diagnostic data sent to Oracle includes only what is needed to solve the problem.



  • Automatically generates a service request with Oracle when specific hardware faults occur

    Expedites the diagnostic and restoration process

  • Priority service request handling

    Problems identified and addressed faster

  • Automated parts dispatch

    No delay in getting parts to resolve an issue

  • Secure outbound communication sends diagnostic data to Oracle—does not require incoming internet connections or remote access

    Keep your information and systems secure

  • Continuous improvement process for ASR fault rules

    Minimize and eliminate "false alarms"

  • Included as part of your product warranty or Oracle Premier Support plan

    Enhanced support provided by Oracle at no additional service cost