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The Oracle Forms forum on OTN is an excellent source of information and assistance.  For Oracle Support customers, the MyOracleSupport Forms forum is a great way to communicate directly with Oracle Support without having a Service Request.

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Customer Stories

  • SoftBase upgrades Pennant International's 1450 Forms modules and 270 Reports modules from Forms/Reports 11g to 12c in 90 days.
  • Cologne Data assists ministry MIK NRW with a move from Oracle Forms 6i to 12c and away from browser dependencies.
  • Cologne Data brings BVI from Oracle Forms 6i from 12c in 30 days.
  • AuraPlayer and a successful mobilization project becomes the basis for Jubilie Life Insurance to upgrade to Oracle Forms 11
  • Shikun Binui Group upgrades from Forms 6i to 11g and mobilizes their Forms applications with AuraPlayer
  • Matrix and AuraPlayer - Matrix goes mobile with its Oracle Forms application using AuraPlayer
  • DTE Energy and PITSS - DTE Energy integrates Oracle Forms with Oracle ADF with the help of Oracle Partner PITSS
  • Men's Wearhouse and PITSS - 700 Forms upgraded from Oracle Forms 6i to Oracle Forms 11g
  • HPH and PITSS - Forms upgrade from Oracle Forms 6i to Oracle Forms 11g
  • RENAPS - 600 Forms and 500 Reports upgraded from 6i to 11g


  • Ingersoll Rand moves Oracle EBusiness (EBS) and Fusion Middleware 11g to Exalogic and Exadata and get a 40x performance improvement
  • Callista (video 1) - "Relatively easy upgrade". Callista talk about their experiences of upgrading from Oracle Forms 10g to Oracle Forms 11g, and their vision for the future.
  • Callista (video 2) - Upgraded 1300 Forms and 70 Reports and talk about their vision of ADF.