Oracle Secure Global Desktop

Secure Remote Access for Cloud-Hosted Enterprise Applications and Hosted Desktops

Provide secure access to centralized, server-hosted Windows, UNIX, and legacy applications from a wide variety of client devices.

  • Oracle E-Business Suite, Microsoft Excel, and a Microsoft Windows desktop, all running remotely on a server and accessed using just a web browser.

  • Access to server-hosted applications on Apple iPad using just HTML5 and the built-in web browser—no application download or installation required.


Secure Application Access

  • Secure remote access to server-hosted applications and desktops
  • Supports a wide variety of application platforms and desktops, including web-based Oracle applications, Windows applications, mainframe and midrange applications, Windows and Linux desktops and more
  • Access from Linux, Solaris, Windows and Mac OS X computers, Apple iPad tablets, and Android devices
  • Certified for web-based Oracle applications and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud
What’s New in Oracle Secure Global Desktop 5.0
What’s New in Oracle Secure Global Desktop 5.0

Oracle Secure Global Desktop 5.0 extends secure, anywhere access to cloud-hosted and on-premises enterprise applications and desktops from PCs, Macs, and tablet devices.

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