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Oracle Hardware Certification Test Suite 5.8

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Updated: November 2016

Configuring the Oracle Solaris 10 OS Installation

For Oracle Solaris 10 installation details, see the Oracle Solaris 10 Release and Installation Collection web page.

While installing the Oracle Solaris 10 OS, partition the disk to satisfy the requirements mentioned in Chapter 2, System Requirements.

To verify whether you are running the Oracle Solaris 10 OS or the Oracle Solaris 11 OS, type the following command.

# cat /etc/release

While installing the Oracle Solaris 10 OS, you must make the following customization in the GUI prompt.

  • Select None for Name Service.

  • Select Initial Install for Upgrade or Initial Install.

  • Select Custom Install and then select Developer group or above. You must perform at least a Developer group installation. See the Oracle Solaris 10 Package List for a list of what you get with different types of installations.

You might have to backup your test systems and reinstall the Oracle Solaris OS before you install and run Oracle HCTS.